Welcome To The World Of Warframe Wolf Sledge

In the series of warframe weapons, we are here with another weapon is the hammer of the wolf of Saturn six. This weapon can be thrown at a better place. So, warframe fans are you excited to know more about the weapon? If yes, then do go through the article. Here, we have discussed warframe wolf sledge and also how we can kill the wolf of Saturn, and the tips that are essential to know. You have to prepare yourself to kill the wolf of Saturn. If you will not make up a mind to kill him then he will kill you. So, be prepared to fight with him. Let us look at the article.

Characteristics Of Warframe Wolf Sledge

Range limitThe hammer covers a range of over 3.1m.
Risk-takingIt can bear 17% chances and is capable of managing it.
Hazardous MultiplierIt is 1.9x times hazardous.
Firing RateIt fires with a rate of 1.0
RadiusIt covers the radius of 5.0 m
ReloadingIts reloading capacity is 1295.0
StatusIt has 33% status chances
Types of DamageIt causes the damage of 259.8

Pros Of Warframe Wolf Sledge

  • It shows a higher influence and deals with detruncate damage
  • It supports great risk-taking chances
  • Because of its higher attack capacity, it makes it easier to throw the hammer to a wide range
  • It comes third highest amongst the category of all the hammers
  • If you press the melee button then the hammer is capable of exploding in mid-flight. The chances of the explosion may occur at a range of over 5 meters
  • It supports polarity

Cons Of Warframe Wolf Sledge

  • It has low puncture damage
  • Not effective if fought against Armor
  • It is less effective if fought against the Ferrite Armor and the Infested Sinew
  • It deals with self-damage
  • The critical multiplier is below moderate
  • If the hammer is used in mid-flight then you cannot make use of melee attacks
  • Only one surplus enemy can be turned out


The major blueprints of wolf sledge’s and its other components can be an acquisition. It will be received as random drops as you will defeat the wolf of Saturn six. Each part of it can be traded among players. You will get this weapon only if you have acquired 7th rank in the mastery rank. Only then you will be able to get this weapon.

A Guide For The Wolf Of Saturn

This guide is going to guide you on where to find the wolf of Saturn. It will also suggest how to hit him to defeat him to reach another level of warframe rubico prime. The tips for mods and status will be available to you. So, do follow the guide for easier warframe wolf sledge reach.

Location Of The Wolf Of Saturn

The first you should do is to find the wolf of Saturn. It can be possible that he may be spawning as in most missions on the battlefield like other assassins. But one thing that is very clear and that is the mission of warframe wolf sledge build that he will not at all appear. So, if you wish to find him then do not visit the following mission.

  • Elementary mission: Syndicate and the Assassination
  • Dojos Relay
  • Sortie missions
  • Missions that are archwing, arena or free roam. The missions were solo, quest, and Mastery test.
  • Missions like Sanctuary and Elite Onslaught
  • The assassin spawn missions

Tips To Remember

  • Tau damage can be caused by the Wolf.
  • The melee weapons are furnished with some hazardous mods along with the blood rush. This can take a big amount of his health that is tabulated by the Melee combo counter. It can increase attack speed. For example Berseker or the primed version of Fury.
  • He cannot be vulnerable.
  • He has a good immune with the status effect so choose your weapons wisely that is capable of performing higher damage.
  • You can also stab him at his back to harm him.
  • Radiation damage can be a good one against him but he is vulnerable to damage to scientist mod.
  • The invisible frame is not attacked by him. 
  • The dread mirror can also leave a lot of damage to him.
  • Though he is immune 
  • Even though he’s immune to any Corrosive moves, the armor can still be stripped by Shattering Impact or Sharpened Claws.
  • Even if he is immune to the corrosive move, it’s armor will be snatched by shattering the impact or sharp creeper.

Various Drops Of The Wolf Of Saturn Six

Drop: Mod

  • Fever walkout
  • Molten effect
  • Northern Wind
  • Touch that shocked
  • Spin Needle
  • The target has been found
  •  Royale rate.
  • Eleventh hurricane


  • Wolf Sledge: Blueprint
  • Wolf Sledge: Handle
  • Wolf Sledge: Head
  • Wolf Sledge:
  •  Motor


  • The Extraction of Nitain
  • The resource of the present region


  • Saturn Six Mask


This was all about wolf sledge and the warframe wolf of Saturn. Although, there is still more to discover about this you will get it when you go through the game. Do remember that the tips are very essential to kill the wolf of the sledge. If you are not prepared to kill him then he will kill you. So, make up your mind wisely and then attack him. But before fighting you have to discover where he is? So plan everything wisely and give it a try. Hope you enjoyed this article & get all your answers about is wolf sledge good?