How To Complete Challenges In Warframe Wolf Of Saturn?

The Wolf of Saturn is considered as a villain Grineer criminal who is brought into the picture as an antagonist in the Nightwave Series 1- The Wolf Of Saturn Six. Previously a model convict of the formerly undisclosed Saturn Six penitentiary, the Wolf was able to run away and escape, accompanied by his Saturn Six Fugitives pack.

Later, he had to go through hybridizing of the Sentient after having been enslaved by Alad V and was then sent to hurt down the lane of Tenno. He finally was freed again and then, suddenly disappeared along with his comrades.

During the Nightwave Series 1, the Wolf was able to spawn around in no specific places, but rather anywhere randomly in any of the regions of the missions which can be accessed by the players, which is the same as the Assassins, but with absence of the Death Mark.

For the whole length of your series, all the players may be considered so as to have a death mark that remains permanently.  The chances of spawning also tend to increase with a higher rate as the first series escalates.

While we reach the end of the Series 1, an alert related to the Tactical problem is issued so as to hunt the wolf down in the two mission of the type of Assassination which varies across the different levels of the game, with an increase in the probability of drop rising to just twice of what it was previously. The probability of dropping the components of the Wolf Sledge increases more than twice on the missions of a higher level.

Different Tactics In Warframe Wolf Of Saturn

The wolf tends to spawn near the player accompanying the pack of three Fugitives of Saturn Six at his sides out of which all are invulnerable to the destruction. They come forward so as to attack with weapons like Sheev and Karak which are complimented with exceptional bottles that are Molotov-styled and are prone to get burst on impact into an even more caustic substance that feels like Napalm.

And through all of this, the Wolf attacks with its classical weapon called the Warframe Wolf Sledge.  Before the casting of the third episode, the Wolf used to spawn alone.

At a melee range, he will have to keep changing between the swings of regular pounding and the horizontal slashes which will ultimately produce energy blade projectiles having a shorter range.

At somewhat medium ranges, the wolf will tend to start charging and throwing his hammer in the direction of the target.  The option of long range is a charge at, and passing through the main player quickly covers a large distance, which is followed up by him whirling the hammer at a fast rate which is enough to cause any area of damage of the whirlwind effect which will finally be able to pull the player into it.

The Wolf who we all know is immune to the effects of the status and also to the debuff abilities of the Warframes which is in many ways, similar to the Stalker and his Acolytes. Although, the Wolf shows no immune towards the abilities of the Warframe during the times of Tactical Alert Assassination.

Moreover, the lockdown of the doors which otherwise would have been the automatic condition of battling against the field boss of a normal assassin do not tend to get into or engage themselves nor do they make use of any of the special powers which can easily be used so as to force the teleport of the players into a specified region.

The Wolf has the power to dispel the abilities of the Warframes. In case, the player wishes, he or she can leave the Wolf and the pack behind and hence, they will not pursue you beyond a specified number of mapped sections.

Different Possibilities Of Spawns

The Wolf of the Saturn Six tends to behave in a manner which seems similar to that of the other Assassins and can spawn in any of the regions which are easily accessible to the players during the time of the occurring of the missions.

Although there are many exceptions which tend to prohibit his appearances which are mentioned below.

  • The standard missions of Assassination and the Syndicates.
  • The missions of Sortie
  • The missions of the non-combat hub
  • The free roam, Archwing and the arena missions of the special game mode
  • The onslaughts of the Sanctuary and the Elite Sanctuary

For the whole duration of the series of Nightwave, all the players can be considered as the ones who are marked permanently with a single charge on his mark, which is known as the death mark with no such materials to acquire those marks and there exists not a single way in which they could be removed.

As one moves ahead in the series of the Nightwave 1, the rate of spawning of the Wolf increases at a very high and a fast rate. During the time of the conclusion of the series, the rate of spawning of the Wolf was at 4% for those missions which are below the 20th level and the same for the missions which are above the level 20 and the level 20 is increased by 2% to a total of 6%.

Combining the 4-6% probability with the killing of approx 40 kills estimates to a world sledge which finally results in requiring a 1000 or 667 missions so as to get all the parts.

#1 The Lore

Imprisoned in the Saturn Six in the Grineer Max Pen, which was previously undisclosed and named for being one of the “some leagues deep in gas”, this Wolf already has served as model prisoner till the moment he suddenly broke out along with a group of fugitives, and hence forming a group or the “wolf pack”, as they say.

Instead of fleeing or running away, the wolf hacked into the communication network of the Corpus on the planet of Jupiter and then send them the demand to “ Deliver the Gharn”, the warden of the Sixth Saturn, who has been into the selling of Grineer inmates for the purpose of performing experiments related to the Corpus.

It was pre- assumed that it was about looking out for the trafficking of his comrades which helped in turning the wolf into a renegade escapee from a model prisoner.

#2 Wolf Of Saturn Six

For the dreamers, there is a bad moon out there. Can’t you all feel it? Silently, I listened at the windows of the ones who are wealthy and the rich ones. Have you ever come across the term of Saturn Six? A first time for me too. But the fact which remains is that Grineer owns a Max-pen which floats some six leagues into the gas. 

But, the matter of truth is no one ever found about this. Some of the meatheads of the Grineer started to recognize himself as the Wolf, as he used to howl during the nights.  The Decrypts said that he was indeed a model prisoner, doing time.

Being an apple of the eye for even the warden, something finally cracked and he is out there, with no fear, on the loose, the so-called wolf of the Saturn Six.

#3 The Nightwave Of The Second Diorama

Dreamers, I know it’s getting late. Are you all still listening? Soon we will witness the curve of the sun over the sky of the Venusians. Tell me, what is keeping you up till so late? For me, the reason for the same is the gap waves. So the wolf didn’t run away. But why? Why didn’t he hit the Solar Rail?

Instead, he is looking towards the money huggers around the planet of Jupiter. There is a message from the Wolf itself.  DELIVER THE GHARN. Who is Gharn? So, Gharn is recognized as the Warden of the Warframe Wolf of Saturn Six. And he marks his presence in the solar wind too. Do you think he knows about the howling wolf?

#4 The Third Diorama

A night full of ice on the planet of Neptune, dreamers, holds your close. But our wolf isn’t along today.  The howler one will definitely try to break out of the Saturn Six, remember this. But all of this howling won’t suddenly stop as there will definitely be someone else who will take the responsibility of singing this song of cruelty.

The wolf is a free animal now. He has run to his brothers and sisters. And do you know what happens when a wolf finds his pack? They all hunt together.

#5 The Fourth Diorama

There was a message which read, “THE GHARN IS YOURS”. It is an anonymous gift. The Warden is appointed by the Grineer for the whole of his life. The wolf, being left with no choice, decides to shorten the duration of the term.  The devil himself is in the cloak of the Corpus. I think the pack is coming forward in your direction, Dreamers.

#6 The Nightwave Of The Fifth Diorama

Passing by the junction of the Mercury, shimmering real hot. The signs were clear. We tried to not pay attention to them. The wolf grew stronger and tougher than before. But most importantly, it got cleverer too. He got a whole pack of wolves with him and also got the better of the crypto of the Corpus. He is his own man now.  This is Nora Night now. Stay deadly. Real deadly, Dreamers.

Important Tips

  • Since the Wolf of the Saturn is immune to the effects of the status, it is often suggested to use weapons with critical chance and destruction.
  • Radiation can prove the most effective against this Wolf of the Saturn Six, as its armour is the alloy armour.
  • Unlike the Stalker, the Wolf of the Sixth Saturn will not attack or battle against invisible Tenno, which includes the Loki, who is cloaked by invisibility, or the Ivaara, which uses the Prowl.
  • The wolf tends to deal with the damage of the Tau. Thus waits for the awaited moment of sacrifice i.e warframe the sacrifice.


The Warframe Wolf of the Saturn Six is an integral and different character of the Warframes who narrates the story of a “savage and unruly convict”, who ran away from the prison and is now free. The article gives you all the key information regarding this Wolf of the Saturn Six, and we hope that it proves helpful for readers.