Things You Need To Know About – Warframe The Sacrifice

Quest for sacrifice is the most awaited moment that we all were waiting for. The game is finally here. We have been looking for it for a longer time. After completing the quest of the sacrifice you will be rewarded with the Excalibur Umbra. So, let us gain more knowledge of the game.

Parts – Warframe The Sacrifice

There are seven parts of the sacrifice

Stage 1: Check out Lotus Helmet

Stage 2: Look out for Sentient Energy

Stage 3: Discover Lua

Stage 4: Seek Umbra

Stage 5: Pursue Umbra

Stage 6: Face the Umbra

Stage 7: Comeback on Earth

Explanation Of Each Part

Stage 1# Check Out For Lotus Helmet

Once you have finished the task of the quest then you will be able to activate the sacrifice quest in the codex.

For example, the other dream, inboard war, harrow’s chain, and at last is Apostasy prologue. If these are completed by you then you can activate your sacrifice quest.

If you are done with this, then move to the Orbiter’s quarter. There you will find the lotus helmet and you can check it. To complete the quest one can go through warframe ropalolyst guide.

Stage 2# Inquire The Sentient Energy

In the second stage, as you arrive on Earth, you proceed particularly on the map and you have to fight with ghouls that are trying to harm you.

Once you have reached the destination, you will notice a door that is blocked with the vine. Break it and prepare yourself for another fight with ghouls.

As you will proceed you will come in front of the Orokin graveyard. Here you scan 3 things here along with the Excalibur Sword.

Parts To Follow

  • Bigger lobby Grapple

As you cross the bridge which is near to the waterfalls, you will find this part to the left side.

  • Ragged Flag

Following the last stage, near the stairs, arrive close to the tree, you will find this part on the right side.

  • The Helmet

In the end, near the graveyard, you will notice it half-buried on the left side. You will find the sword near the tree. As after doing such destruction tie your laces and run as the ghouls are ready to attack you.

Stage 3# Discover Lua

Collect the information about other parts, because we have an Excalibur Umbra sword that will help us build it again.

Explore LUA and find the ruins. Visit the Ordis indicate, you will get the orakin Cypher terminal that you will hack. To perform it you have to look for the symbols so that you can perform the codes.

After this, all you have to do is explore and look for the ruins. Move towards the new waypoint, there you will discover 2 things.

On moving ahead you will find the Mimics as in the path you will notice many mystic enemies.

The second thing to discover is the terminal of Orokin Cypher You will find the four symbols according to which you will hack.

The four symbols which are at different locations will be activated at the time when you are closer to it.

As symbols are near and easily displayed, it is not difficult to find it. Once you collect all, then return back to the Cypher’s terminal so that you can hack it.

Check out everything if you wish to get access over a file known as ENEMY.

Once you are done with the Cinematic, you will be given the extraction point by ordis. After reaching the orbiter you have to install Vitruvian in the ship. Once you are done with this you can reconstruct the Excalibur umbra after going back to your foundry.

Visit the Arsenal and add with your Excalibur Umbra, after you have rebuilt it.

Now you can get access to the Vitruvian memory.

Stage 4# Seek UMBRA

When you will land, you must proceed in the manner marked on the map.
at the time of your arrival, you must evacuate the area from hostilities, or confront the Excalibur Umbra directly. You have to be careful, as it is unfit and is not good for attacks especially with conventional weapons

If you leave Umbra unprotected, you will need an operator and get close to it and use Void Blast so as to evacuate it and make use of the transition to reach Excalibur Umbra.

As the fight gets over there will be a cinematic beginning and the moment it is over, you have to move to an extraction point. The time you reach the orbiter, you can access the Vitruvian memory which is new.

Stage 5# Pursue UMBRA

As before, you have to adopt a method along with a landing. It’s the time when you should move towards the destination where you are going to observe the Excalibur umbra fighting with five sentiments. After death, he will make you blind and will seal the room.

You have to discard all the five enemies that are hidden from you in the room with the help of . Once you are done with it your another waypoint is waiting for you in the warframe sacrifice.

This is the time when you fight with Excalibur Umbra, but with a little twist and that is it’s being protected with some shields.

Again you will find a new Vitruvian memory when you will pass by Orbiter.
The key is for your operator to use them, to remove them, you will require all your attacks to face them so that you are able to make use of them again with Excalibur Umbra Unsafe for void Blast Will need to make.

Stage 6# Face The Umbra

Once you are done with the above stages you will observe yourself in a strange place i.e. you will feel like a dream. You will then follow a path until you reach the tree.

In this stage, you will be using your operator.
Like other skirmishes, you must use your operatives’ attacks to deflect their shields and must protect him from void blast. Now, enter into Excalibur Umbra with change.

The extraction point will be yours if you eliminate the Ordis.

Stage 7# Comeback On Earth

As it is the time for your comeback to the earth, it’s necessary for you to go on the waypoints so as to face Ballas. You should take care as anything is possible. On your journey, you will come across many Sentients who are going to pause you.

As you reach Orokin graveyard,  you will see that Ballas are just near the tree. As soon as you go nearby them, the fight is going to start.


Once you conquer the quest you will be rewarded with the Excalibur Umbra Warframe. It’s been confirmed that in E3 2018, DE told that this is one of the best-played games.


Hey, warframe lovers! So, did you enjoy the article on Warframe The Sacrifice? Without giving you any spoilers we have provided you with the best content that will give you an idea about all the stages in the game. The game is loved by many. So do try it and enjoy it. Hope the article helped you.