An Elite Mission On Warframe Sanctuary Onslaught

The Sanctuary Onslaught, an endless game mode was introduced in the Update of 22.8 where the objective of the game lies in surviving the missions and the players need to be there and last for a period of as long as possible by repeatedly getting rid of the large crowd of enemies coming in your way and as fast as you could.

Accessing The Warframe Sanctuary Onslaught

After you are done with the Quest of New Strange, you are all ready to enter the Warframe Sanctuary Onslaught by going inside any of the relays and then moving forward onto Cephalon Simaris and thereby choosing the option of ‘ wishing to attend the Sanctuary Onslaught’.

After selecting this option, you will get transported to this Sanctuary where you will come across three more parties. The members of these parties will commence and fiercely attack which is popularly called the Onslaught, from where the name of the Sanctuary arises.

The game will choose a random set of tile and hence after, will generate a mission, but a small one. It generally varies from one to three rooms in number, and will then select without thinking a random faction and then spawn any subset of the same faction. The objective behind all of this is very simple and yet interesting. For attacking & destruction of enemies, gamers can make use of a classical weapon called the Warframe Wolf Sledge.

You just need to get rid of as many things as possible and that too at a very fast rate. When you kill off these enemies, you will receive conduit efficiency and if the case is such that you are not able to kill the enemies at a very fast rate, chances are that your conduit efficiency reaches up to zero and the Onslaught will be over for you.

You need to be aware of the fact that every zone will last for a duration of two and a half minutes before there is opening of another portal of conduit and from there you could make an entry into the next portal and you will thereafter receive a focus booster at the beginning of the game. You actually get your hands on the focus pickup and it may get a good chunk of focus in the beginning itself.

There is a halt on the amount of pickups of stimulus efficiencies and there are only a limited number of these to get your hands on. This stimulus efficiency tends to supply you with a good boost to your existing level of efficiency. Just for a reminder, the number of pickups tends to change depending upon not only on the difficulty level of the Onslaught but also on the zone.

If you are currently playing the normal version, you will tend to begin first with the stimulus efficiency as much as four in number and it goes down slowly and steadily by the time you get the entry into the 11th zone, you will be left with only one of these. If you play the version of Elite Sanctuary Onslaught, you will only get two of these in the first zone itself.

When it comes to the context of rewards, you will receive rewards of rotation A after the second and the fourth zones respectively. You will also receive the rewards for rotation B after finishing the first six zones and will be rewarded with rotation C rewards after successfully finishing the eight zones of the game.

The normal version of the game which is the elite sanctuary onslaught builds is a very random one. It will tend to pop you up into a very random tileset against a very random faction of enemy and you will be awarded with random rewards. However, when it comes to the Elite version of the same, the tables tend to turn. 

This Elite version of the game has the feature of accessing in a similar way as the normal version. All you need to do is instead of selecting the normal version of the game, go for selecting the version of Elite Sanctuary Onslaught which is an integral and different character of the Warframes i.e Warframe Wolf Of Saturn.

Accessing The Elite Sanctuary Onslaught

The rewards of this version too consist of various random rewards, though different from those which you receive in the normal version of the game. You may actually receive some Peculiar mods in here, which may be the mods which are basically just cosmetics.

So, if in any case you crit your enemy you will have to, for instance, maybe plant flowers into them and many such random and weird things. The enemies and the tilesets should be similar and this is important, or else you may come across various issues in the game.

Best Way To Level Up In Sanctuary Onslaught

There is a certain advantage which the Elite version of the Sanctuary Onslaught offers to the gamers and we are talking about the benefit of an enormous number of enemies of a very higher level. And well, a huge number of high level enemies are good enough to suggest that there will also be a large amount of affinity.

Now, in order to maximize the gains from the affinity for a single weapon, you need to make all other weapons impotent, except for that single weapon for which you wish to increase the level of affinity.

Issues With Sanctuary Onslaught

The Sanctuary Onslaught can be said to be one of the best methods in order to level up. You could generally come across a large number of enemies who tend to increase at a very fast rate which concludes that even your weapons level up very fast. Many gamers call this game a silly and a mindless one too. But it can also lead to irritation at times too and for many reasons.

  • The first reason for this is pretty simple actually. If already one or more nuking characters are into the picture, then you are nothing more than a dead weight to your team. There is not enough killings happening around and that too when you have got a Saryn converting every single one into mists which are toxic and also filling the whole room with the spores, or an Equinox going around and murdering in large numbers with enormous tiny cuts, let’s say the number is in millions.
  • The public matchmaking could turn into funny scenarios and you should be throwing two volts along with two Saryns into a mission which tends to make things a bit awkward where there is no use of any application of a discharge as everything and everyone has already died.
  • What makes things even worse is the action of the people where they use the words,” not make use of speed” as it disturbs the spreading of the spores by Saryns.

The thing is that this issue with the Warframes of the nuker isn’t actually their fault, especially when the rates of the spawns are very low. You are actively required to find the spawning enemies and kill them off depending upon the set of the tile. You then have to wait even more for the enemies to spawn which can become a kind of pain, not only for you but also for the nukers.

  • Past the zone number 6, the wait between the enemy spawns could actually prove to be frustrating or irritating as you will be required to keep killing the enemies coming in your way so as to keep the efficiency level increasing.
  • This being said, there is no reason for the gamers to move ahead after the 8th zone, both of the normal version and the Elite version. The drops in the modes of the game tend to appear after every second zone and the pool of the rewards depend on the zone of the game.
  • The other and maybe the largest issue or problem with this game is the opportunity of good loot in a general sense.
  • The truth is you won’t be wishing to play for the sake of looting but what you want in reality is a higher level of affinity and of focus gains too. And to get these, you are required to kill more and more enemies and even though there are a large number of these in the Elite variant of the game, it’s just not enough to make it fun.

The game must have been filled with a crowd of enemies and you should be rewarded well in case you kill off your enemies.

Yet the game, the Sanctuary Onslaught tends to fall a bit backward on these issues.


Over-all this is a good game, with enemies who super spawn and is a kind of a massacre throughout. But it has its own share of problems. It may get frustrating or irritating at times to play the game, be it any version. Overall it’s still a good game, and you could always look forward to it.