Warframe Ropalolyst Guide: All You Need To Know

A Ropalolyst is referred to as Flying Eidolon by the community and the developers are a huge bird resembling Sentient boss who is capable enough to have battled against the various bosses he comes across. It can be discovered in the city of Remastered Corpus Gas on its own node of the assassination on the planet Jupiter and requires players to have finished the Prologue of Chimera to battle against it. It was sent by the Sentients so as to make sure that Alad the Fifth does not cause a double-cross in this relationship. Once the player has won the battle against the Ropalolyst, he can have access to the blueprints of the Wisp component.

Lore: Regardless of the statement made by Digital Extreme, where it is mentioned that Sentient is referred to as a Flying Hallucination or Eidolon, not once it is described as the same, hence leaving everyone confused as of yet about its classification.

The Revenant’s Mask In Ropalolyst Guide

Though it is not the ropalolyst that we are familiar with, a ghostly or a shadowy form of that same specific breed may be witnessed in the Eidolon Plains coming out from the lake of Gara Toht. It is explained by Nahtak in the simplest of the method that any warframe ropalolyst guide which is served so as to keep the secured area of Eidolon at bay until the arrival of the day when he tried to make a connection or contact with Sentient. When Warden found out that he was being used by Sentient in order to get himself free, he decided to drown himself in the nearby lake.

The fact that still remains a secret and which creates confusion is that it’s not found out if it is the same Ropalolyst or a different one when compared to the one which is found in Jupiter.

The Concord of Jovian: After Alad the Fifth was tricked by Sentient into establishing an oblivious relationship, the Ropalolyst was positioned in Jupiter in the City of Gas and was blackmailed and threatened him that the city would be destroyed if he did not paid attention and listened to the instructions given by the Sentient of forming Amalgams.

During the occurrence of a battle against Ropalolyst, Notah uses the words other flesh for the Ropalolyst and informs Tenno that the sacrifice flesh for the Ropalolyst and informs Tenno that the sacrifice made by it will lead to a life for the Amalgams.


One can witness the Ropalolyst outdoors outside the node of assassination thereby causing demolition and leaving behind waste before taking off. Hence, no one can attack the Ropalolyst during this time.

During this mission of Assassination, the Ropalolyst is good enough to have a fight. It also has the ability to walk on its wings which are similar to blades and also various movements and projectiles which are energy-based. It can also grasp the tenno with the help of its claws.

  • Lasers: The Ropalolyst is capable of firing lasers, though very thin in size, from its claws, which has the ability to cause the death of players in maximum cases.


  • Phase 1: In phase 1, the Ropalolyst keeps Tenno engaged while he himself hovers in the air.  Neighboring the center and the main platform is three towers of the capacitor. Move-in the direction of any one of these towers, avoiding the electric steam, and wait for the moment when a huge laser is fired by Ropalolyst. The shields of Ropalolyst must be depleted by tenno with assistance from the void damage. Once the shields get depleted, Tenno can now meet the Ropalolyst with the use of War frame providing Ropalolyst the option of boarding on it. Now, Tenno is allowed to steer Ropalolyst and force into the tower which is already supercharged. This will knock the tower off onto the platform. If it takes a long time for Tenno to steer, it will get knocked off automatically and the Ropalolyst can renew its shields.
  • Phase 2:  In phase 2, the Ropalolyst has grounded and will continue walking around using its blade resembling wings and is reinforced by an Amalgam group. The two Synovia Ropalolyst, which are present in its hind legs, start becoming vulnerable and the destruction of any one of these can lead to the temporary stunning of Ropalolyst. This also makes him vulnerable to the charger of terrain, which is an enormous laser that comes into action by activating it on the platform by the terminals. If the tenno takes a longer time to do so, the destroyed Synovia can renew itself.
  • Phase 3:  The Ropalolyst has the ability to restart the fight once he gets wounded. One has to repeat the same steps which are mentioned above, more than once, until it dies. Once the terrain is activated this time, for the third time, the main floor will fall down

The Ropalolyst Awards

The Best Loadout: Weapons & Warframes

Battling against Ropalolyst isn’t a tough or a difficult task and definitely doesn’t depend on War frame fights. On one hand, where you require these war frames to fight against Eidolons, on the other hand, battling this Sentient is more about the mechanics of the game and owning a good weapon. But if you are still interested in having war frames in possession, mentioned below are some of the best of these which you could have.

  • War Frames Tanky: Bringing the characters of Rhino or the character of Saryn into the picture will improve your chances of survival, especially in the situations where you battle off against the Amalgams on the platform. Just make sure that you do not fall off the cables while running towards the towers or else the abilities which you had gained previously will get reset and you will get defenceless while battling on the main stage or platform.
  • Healers: Wisp and Oberon can just prove the most righteous war frames in this stage if you wish to bring in a supporting war frame. In order to smoothen your battles, just make sure that you get the healing which is second best to nothing.
  • Speed Volts: The route to the place of real fight with the boss from the initiation of the map is very long and hence, having a speed volt in possession isn’t a bad decision. Just make sure that you are a bit tanky, or else you might end up losing the battle.

The other warframe ropalolyst guide that can come in handy are the warframe wolf of saturn, war frames of DPS such as Mesa. But you also have the option of killing these spawned mobs with those weapons that you hold possession of.

Best Choice Of Weapons

To be honest, you don’t need any specific weapon in your possession as long as you have a tendency to deal with the warframe ropalolyst glitch, Amalgams, and various other characters such as Conculysts and Battalysts. Shotguns may prove to be a little more problematic than the other weapons because you won’t be able to actually hit the Ropalolyst Synovia during the boss battles. But the rifles and the snipers are just the perfect weapons out there. 

You can also perform the full battle against the boss with the Catch moon kit gun which is in your possession and don’t you even try to bring any weapon of a primary stature. As long as you don’t feel uncomfortable with the amount of damage that you face, you are open to own any weapon which suits you the best. 

Unlocking New Warframe

To do so, one first needs to unlock Jupiter which is the just next planet unlocking the junction of Ceres. In case you are unsure about the situation, you can open up the map which you hold, and with that map, you can easily navigate the road from your place to the planet of Jupiter and then move towards those junctions so as to find the terms and conditions and the requirements for every single one of them. 

In the next step you will be required to finish the Prologue of Chimera which won’t make its presence felt until you complete the process of Sacrificing which is the final and the main mission of the story. You now need to move ahead in the direction of Node of Ganymede in Jupiter and finish this. Once you are done with this, you will be permitted to progress to the next level of warframe ropalolyst steel path where you will come across a new node of Assassination on Jupiter for the Ropalolyst.

The boss fight which you will come across, in reality is quite simple. You need to initiate this by moving in the straight direction with assistance of the zip lines for the flying character of Eidolon. Once you have reached the platform dive which is present just behind the huge electrical node, all you need to do is try to avoid the enormous charged attack. 

Now, with the completion of the beam attack, you now need to leave the cover and then attack on the Ropalolyst until the shields of Ropalolyst fall off. 


The Digital Extremes has definitely managed to come up with some incredible as well as engaging warframe ropalolyst guide somewhat similar to Kingdom Hearts 3 Arendelle Treasures. well as intriguing boss battles and fights. Especially the scenario of the killing of Orb the Exploiter is excellent and the new mission of assassination is also interesting and is fun to witness. Once you have gone through all the mechanisms of the game and are clear of the same, it gets really easy to play warframe ropalolyst solo & crack the nut. You can even battle against the boss solo, without needing any kind of assistance.