Enthralling Game Of Warframe Plague Star

Welcome to the warframe series, a new game introduced called Warframe Plague Star. Here you will be going to see the different operations and various stages of the game. Here we have provided a complete guide to instruct you about the game. So, let us go through these guides and enjoy the game.

Operations In Warframe Plague Star

So, operation plague star is somewhat the rarest event that occurs only a few times in the game. The players have to collect all their belongings in that portion of the time. This is because after the time passes you won’t be able to collect them. So, in particular, that collects all the necessary kinds of stuff for you. You can collect rare items as they will not be further available to you in the game.

What Happens During Operation Warframe Plague Star?

At the times of operation, the plague star will be available to you so that you can activate the Cetus or inside the Plains of Eidolon. Players can receive Syndicate Points for a particular Syndicate that can be ranked and provide prizes during the time that the event will be present on the grounds of Cylons and Edolan. Syndicate Points earned by the player will be used to trade for individual prizes for the remainder of the event, allowing players to purchase special equipment or special resources. There would have been an infected presence on the Plane of Eidolon during the duration of the mission, usually lasting about 1 to 2 weeks


All About The Operation

During the operation: In the Plague Star event, Knack will have an additional menu that can be accessed to view your rank, standing and you can buy about the Operational Supply Syndicate.

How Can We Purchase Plague Stars?


Nakak is originally a seller in Cetus who sells masks but can be negotiated during the operation: merchandise that stands for the plague star events as well as some accessories to enhance his stand with operational supplies shop. If you are amongst them who don’t know from where to purchase the items or the weapons like warframe saryn prime then they can go to Nakak. If you wish to increase your operational supply syndicate ranking then negotiate it with Nanak to provide you more items so that you can withstand the purchasing. You can find Nanak near the Cetus store, or it is also located on the map. So you can go and find it there.

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How To Interact With Nakak?

To interact with Nakak you can go with the two options, you can choose amongst them. Browse ware will allow seeing her show, here our main focus is on the operational supply for the event. If you wish for the operational value then you should go with the option of Operational Supply that will directly take you to the “operational supply for the event, where you can also trade for the toroids with Vox Solaris. These warframe toroid farm are also helpful for ranking up in the syndicate.

All About The Operational Supply Menu

Here you will be able to see where you stand in the operational supply syndicate and can see the Nakak players standing there. If you want to buy more and more assignments then you have to build up a good rank for this. You have to increase your standings there. If you want a good ranking for you then you should first acquire enough standing so that you can have more standing. If you wish to build up your rank then you will need a plague star for this. After attaining a good standing you can select all the items you wish to buy the things


#Operational Supply Offerings

Here you will have the operational suffer offerings, you may see a lot of times which may be purchased as well as the exclusive plague star arcane and zaw parts.

images (1).jpg

#Exchanging The Operational Supply Standing For Items

You can see items and additional information about them when hovering their cursors at them, to see the data they have, what they do or what item they are in, and then decide whether this item Is what you want to buy in exchange for standing. The items that will be available to you during operation plague star 2020.

Nakak will sell the following items for a combined payment of Credits and Standing

NameCredit CostStanding Cost
Fosfor Blau Blueprint500250
Fosfor Rahd Blueprint500250
Plague Star Emblem500500
Cetus Wisp1500750
Radian Sentirum1500750
Hearth Nyth1500750
Murkray Liver1500750
Norg brain1500710
Cuthol Tendrils1500750
Forma (Built)50003000
Eidolone Phylaxis Blueprint40002000
Snipetron Vandal50003000
Ether Daggers30003000
Exodia Contagion15005000
Exodia Epidemic15005000
Plague Akwin Blueprint15002000
Plague Keewar35002000
Plague Bokwin35002000
Plague Kripath35002000

Plague Star Bounty

The operation plague star occurs when a strange meteorite crashes into the plains of eidolon which is an outside area of Cetus. The large infected boil has emerged out from the crashed meteorite as this is seen in the trashed area. Due to this, the large boil kept on growing and other units are also growing out of this, resulting in problems for many. The locals are highly affected and they want things to be sorted but they know it won’t happen at all. Thereafter it was found by koku that Ven haks have a solution to control and get rid of the plains from this boil but he didn’t want to use it until the infested have destroyed the Ostruns and Cetus. Vay has had the toxic solution with the help of which the plains of Eloid can get rid of.

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Now what you will do is you have to save Cetus for that you have to take this solution and the Grinner equipment to mix it, so that you can save the plains from this boil. Note that to reduce the time it takes to get around this bounty an arcing (Itzle is recommended) will be greatly reduced.

How We Can Do Plague Star Bounty

Plague stars can be initiated in two ways: the first one would be moving towards Konzu in Cetus and now choose for the mission for bounties. You can even try to start bounties by the use of console found in Grineern contact rents

Select the plague star mission from the menu and it will be activated allowing you to start the mission. If you are in a squad, you must accept the mission to move forward with all of them. Once selected, the simple face for the Plains of Eidolon is if you are in Setus, but if you are already in the Plains of Eidolon, the mission will begin and you can proceed straight ahead.

Different Stages In Warframe Plague Star

#Stage 1: Throx Toxin theft


The first thing you need to do is head towards the Grinner encampment or dig the site to reach there. The route will be shown by waypoint Just move forward for the mission to steal the throx toxin which is present in this area. Moving here you simply have to search for the mining site so that you can find the throx toxin point. You need not worry about whether it would be difficult to find. But this is not going to happen. You will find it very easily as the location is marked.

After moving a little more you will find a yellow circled ball that somehow looks like a pokemon ball. You should go to the center there you will search for throx toxin.


You should converse with it so that you can steal the throx toxin out from there. Make sure that you should not equip your primary weapon either it may fall. After this, you should exit the mine meanwhile konzu will be still there talking with you. But you should exit from there. Be prepared as you will be heading to the next stage. 

#Stage 2: Toxin Mixture


In this mission, you have to search for the Grineer mixture. here you will need the throx toxin mixture that will be needed so that you can use it for the infested boil. The moving head will get you a storage locker where you will find the mixture. After reaching the storage locker, you should open up the console so that you can find the mixer. Take note that you have the throx toxin with you. make sure that you haven’t dropped it somewhere else.


Go inside it and activate the mixer so that the mixture gets ready. This process may take some time. Get ready for the fight now. As soon as you begin the mixing process, you have to shield the storage mixer from the Grineer because they will try to shatter it and also they will try to kill you. Take care of the mixer because only then the mission will be successful otherwise it would be a mess.

While this time you can add the infested catalyst or the Eidolon Phylaxis. So that it can increase your standing later on. Once you succeed in the mission, if you successfully defend the storage mixer you can take the mixer and move ahead in the mixture. Konzu will give you all the directions. You have to follow them.

#Stage 3: Drones Activation


You have to head towards to the location shown by the waypoint and your task in this mission is to locate drones. After you reach the location of the drone you should check for the circle in the center which is mentioned on your map and activate it which will hand you the mixture and you will need to escort it. As the Grineer will head towards you to kill you should escort the drone and protect it from them.

Infected enemies are probably visible, so keep an eye on both factions as they will not only be fighting each other, but they will also be fighting you. After you reach your place, the drone will fly and you have to move towards the final mission so that you can complete all the missions.

#Stage 4: Purge The Infested


Your ultimate task is to purge the infested that is released to stop you from their tracks. You have to kill a good number of enemies so that you can complete the mission to 100%. Do not do that you should avoid going too close to the boil and if you do, you will suffer damage by staying near or on it. Once you are reached to 100% of the mission, the mission gets completed and now you can exit from it. Or you can also head to another bounty. After the mission gets complete you can return to Cetus and can collect your reward. Besides all the resources that you have collected in these stages, you will be awarded the operational Supply standings.

How To Increase Operational Supply Standing Gain?

You can gain up your standing as there are two different options but the difficulty will increase with the increase in standings. The items will be added at the time of stage second that will give you 250 additional settings. If you wish to use them then you must be in your gear before heading towards Cetus.

1. Eidolon Phylaxis

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Adding one Eidolone phylaxis to each, used during the mixing process would give you an additional 250 standings. There will be higher levels depending on how many levels of enemies are used during the mixing process. You can use 4. This for the entire team and you can even contribute more than one.

2. Infested Catalyst

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This will add to 250 standings just like the Eidolon Phylaxis, with a little twist that it will not increase the number of enemies in the mixing stage. When you will reach the final stage then you will have to face Hemocyte, if you choose the Infested Catalyst. You must be wondering what hemocyte is, so basically hemocyte is a large enemy just like we have Lephantis. It follows the same fighting principles similar to Lephantis but with some distinct features. This level can be easier in starting but it can increase its difficulty level as you move more in the game as the levels would also increase. Each infected catalyst will cause one hemocyte, meaning that if you use 4, that too will be 4 later in the final stage. Hemocytes will not be born simultaneously, instead, they hatch at different percentages during the final stages.

3. Hemocyte

download (6).jpg

Hemocyte is a large enemy that can alone make many devastations just but it also has some limitations like the Lephantis that we have from Orokin Derelict Assassination. It will spawn at certain times, depending on how many infested catalysts were used during the mixing process. As it is similar to the lephantis, it can be defeated as we defeat the Lephantis.

Warframes Plague Star Missions

1. Volt- DPS/ Buffer/Crowd Control

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The Volt can speed up the entire team and is therefore very useful for the mission. It makes it easier for everyone to move around and at the same time improves abilities. Volt can offend and defend in any situation. Is the shield very powerful? His shield has great shock capability which can badly damage the enemies.

2. Chroma- DPS/ Buffer/Crowd Control Tank

download (10).jpg

Chroma is considered as causing a lot of damage because of his buffs, making its team a great team that can cause great destruction. His Vex armor ability will deal with his allies by giving himself extra armor and causing damage.  With the ability of Elemental Ward, users can use it in several ways depending on the player’s choice and allied parties with primary energy to deal with damage in an area. Using its poppy ability, Chroma can summon effigies to attack enemies, crowd control, defend an area and more.

3. Rhino- DPS/ Buffer/ Crowd Control/ Tank

download (12).jpg

Rhino also has great damage to power. He has his buff ability. With the help of this ability, he can cause great damage to all. His iron skin ability makes him withstand all the damage given by the enemies also he can cause a lot of damage alone. If we used Rhino stomp he has the power to manage a lot of crowds and can cause great damage to the enemy’s area.

4. Loki- DPS/ Stealth/ Focus Fire/ Utility

Loki can remain reluctant to enemies and take them out without worry, allowing him to focus his fire without hindrance. He can use his decoy ability to distract enemies and give his allies an opening under various circumstances. Switch teleport can be used to swap enemies with more security, swapping allies with teleports for safety, and switching locations with drones in Phase 3 to proceed. And can reduce it to gain time by swapping places with it.

5. Trinity- Support

download (14).jpg

Trinity has importance because she can heal her team, provide energy and health uplift to all. She can cause great damage to her enemies with her linkability.

6. Frost- Defensive/ Crowd Control

download (15).jpg

Frost can take care of both like he can defend and can take control over the crowd with his skills that proves helpful for his team. He can protect his team with this. He can also create snow globes so that to prevent damage and also keeps the enemy away With his Avalanche ability, he can freeze a large number of enemies as he has the ability to control a large number of crowds.

7. Harrow- DPS/ Buffer/Support/ Utility

download (16).jpg

His condemn ability can hold enemies even if it can hold hemocyte for a lesser time. With austerity, he can beat the team with a high fire rate and steal lives as well as reload speed for melee attacks that keep the team alive due to multiple enemies around the boil Can be useful for. Theurible can ensure that the team has an unlimited source of energy during missions and Stage 4 as a lot of enemies will be killed and can provide energy. The covenant will be a great help as it gives everyone invincible and a significant chance after a disqualifying period.

8. Titania – DPS/Support/ Crowd Control

download (17).jpg

The Titania is good for crowd control with its spellbind capability, ripping the air to give effect to allies as well as allies. Her tribute may also give mini buffers to his team which can prove to be helpful during the mission. With her lantern ability, she can distract her enemies. She can easily fly by using Razorwingand by using her special weapons she can cause great destruction to the enemies.

9. Wisp –DPS/ Buffer

download (18).jpg

Wisp has several buffers that can benefit the team as well as his abilities which allows him to move around as quickly as he teleports around the area. Her buffs are capable enough that can provide survivability and offensive capabilities.

10. Octavia- DPS/Buffer/Crowd Control

download (19).jpg

Octavia is perfect for crowd controlling and with her buffs abilities she can improve the performance of allies. Her invisibility ability is of great importance as it can save the team and will not disrupt when going for the mission.

Final Points

This Warframe Plague Star game can be hard or can be easy for some. It is advised that you should play it with your squad or with other people if you feel it difficult to play alone. Also, some warframes can make your final stage easier for you.

We have discussed a variety of warframes with different missions. You can also try warframe plague star event 202 to play. You should contact Nakak for all the resources. A complete guide, that will help you to play the game. So do jump together with your squad and try different -different together. You will be enjoying the game. So give it a try. Hope the article helped you. Enjoy the game well.