Warframe Endo Farm – A Complete Guide

Hey, warframe fans! Today I am out with another article in the series of warframe. We will be discussing a new resource that is different from others. This resource is quite interesting from others and is, therefore, popular. So let us move and discover more about it.

All About Warframe Endo Farm

Endo is a peculiar resource that is mainly used so that we can progress mods with the help of fusions which arrive in small quantities many times. Here you will require a lot of Endo because every time you upgrade the mods in warframe endo farm you will require more than a good quantity of Endo’s. It is important to make the endo good and strong because you need the maximum mode to have the best out of it.

There are some different ways also to farm the Endo other than the rewards from rotations. Along with endo, one can also do cetus wisp farming, that are small creatures found on the Eidolon Plains on the planet. After knowing how to cultivate endo, it is necessary when you have to progress the moods in a larger quantity.

Farming Endo : Sedna

For farming endo the recommended place is Sedna. Again and again, you must follow a few steps so you can reach the mission. There are three missions included in Sedna that are of the arena‘s and they are:

  • Nakki
  • Yam
  • Vodyanoi

While battling the Gladiator Arena against the Grineer, players with their squad are pit in this mission.

The team that will have 25 kills first would be a winner in warframe endo farm and based on that the points will be allotted and thus will acquire the judgment points.

Progress in higher-level arenas requires judgment points and we aim to cultivate endo on Vodyanoi.

There are two other missions that you can choose before moving towards the Vodyanoi and Nakki and Yam.

Major Missions In Warframe Endo Farm

1. Nakki

It is the first mission. Here no cost is defined, get no judgment based points if you want to enter.

For new players, it could be hard as here the enemies have set the level to 40. This level can be easily created by the players but moving with a team makes it grow faster as enemies will run in large numbers.

Many frames can be brought up by you and with the help of weapons, you can kill most of the enemies in level 40.  As we know that the entire team shares only some amount, so it is not possible that the energy drops are fully available to all. Make sure the energy drops will not be sufficient for the entire team.

After completing the mission Nakki, you can earn a moderate amount of 15 to 200 Endo. Also, you might be awarded the 10 judgment points.

2. Yam

Here you will need 10 judgment points so that you can start the mission. As the mission begins the, said points are left. You will observe enemies at the 60 levels and will even challenge the experienced ones.

You will notice a team for this level. It does not happen because of the multiple enemies, but also because the rate will end up with members of the mission.

In this mission, the enemies are going to be more powerful and dangerous. As their higher armor will protect them as they are at level 60. So, it is obvious that they can be harmful.

But if you have a squad having different capabilities then it is sure that victory is in your favor. Also if warframes are there they can cause good damage.

Once you have completed the Yam, 15 judgment points are waiting for you. Also, grab your 15 -300 endo.

3. Vodyanoi

The mission is quite similar to Yam. This mission will take off your 15 judgment points. You will observe the enemies at the 85 levels. It will be challenging even for the experienced ones. As per the resources it is recommended to come up with your squad as the enemies are highly capable to destroy you in seconds.

Being able to kill enemies and place drops in an area is essential to building a good team with you. Also, try to be with Nekros as it will increase the chance to grab ore loot, and having more loot will increase our Endo.

Nidus has a major role in the mission which can bring enemies down covering a larger area. The different warframes can also deal with a lot of damage. It is your choice to have a warframe as long as you need them.

Nidus and Nekros, along with the team staying at one location, will keep the loot in the same place and ensure that everyone can cultivate the scene.

The team along with the Nidus and  Nekros will stay on-location to make sure that the loot must be kept at the same place. Also, ensure that all can farm in that spot. Don’t go too far as our wandering will result in the spread of enemies.

The Technique Of Endo Farming In Warframe

There are two best ways to farm Endo and they are Nidus and Nekros.

Desecrate, a special ability of Nekros helps us to force the enemies that are killed so that we can get more loot. When enemies affect the body as well as body parts, the chances of the enemy being torn to pieces increases. With the help of the larva, Nidus helps us in making the mission easier. Here you can kill the enemies independently at one spot.

Nidus is the most efficient who is capable of dragging the enemies at great distances and thus saving time and making a perfect time to kill the enemies. By having more teammates with you not only the enemies would be killed faster but also the farming interval is faster as more enemies will spawn. If you will choose the right warframe then it would be easier and the mission ends very soon. And thus a lot of time is saved and also we will have a farm in a good quantity.

Nidus is helpful to us when he drags the enemies in the meantime the team can freely focus on enemies that are inside the Larva. Nidus can also deal with damage but keep in mind that he should use larva repeatedly otherwise the team has to take the hit. Nidus’ role in the team is neutralizing enemies and stacking them for the team while endo farming. For better efficiency and to be in a good range, nidus is allowed to stay in the suggested build where he can spam.

We have already discussed that enemies are dragged and the team is enthusiastic to kill the enemies and cut them into pieces. Due to this, the mission gets finished very soon, and also our time is saved and is therefore considered the best mod for farming endo. As soon as the nidus larva catches the enemies and destroys them, the rest of the work is done by Nekros Desecrate i.e. the loot. Desperate will bind dead enemies and any body parts that have been destroyed to accidentally knock and drop an object.

Endo is one of the most important items with the help of which you can earn Endo later at the end of the game. Apart from Nidus and Necros, there are other warframes in which you can add the squad based on their preferences and it will be good for the group. Warframe that fixes or protects the team should decide to have different supports.

If you are a signal unit and will work efficiently many chances will get you Endo Farming. There are many best ways to farm endo warframe & it can end in just minutes making you get 400- 1000 or even more Endo. Moreover, it is rather more interesting to collect warframe cephalon fragments along with the endos. These are the little pieces of those items that are kept hidden all across the system of Origin.

Different Methods For Getting Endo

1. Ayatan Treasures

These treasures are the decent object which is available to you at other-other missions. It may be a random position and on a small occasion. It can be used as a decorative material which you can have in your collections in warframe endo farm. But there are some other things to do with it. It can be sold at Maroo’s Bazaar that is available on mars.

2. Selling Mods

Here you can sell the excess bunch of mods that are not required to you. These trades can be done for  Endo.

If you will frame then this will benefit you with hundreds of spare mods which can be the best backup method to get endo when it is needed.

3. Bounty Rewards

Here bounties can reward the endos at any random location. Relying on the bounty is not at all a great way to cultivate endo and should not be a means of trying to get it in large quantities.


So warframe fans! This was all about the Warframe Endo Farm where you will discover great missions. Also, endo farming is very important here. Play the warframe endo farm solo or with your squad. So do give it a try and enjoy the game. Hope the article helped you.