Quest For The Best Warframe Cephalon Fragments

Fragments are the little pieces of those items that are kept hidden all across the system of Origin and can be found to unbolt the audiovisual and the written lore which tends to flesh out the settings of the War Frame. It is not only important but rather interesting to collect all of these Fragments.

So here is a guide to make you aware of one such Fragment- the Cephalon Fragments.

All About Warframe Cephalon Fragments

Before getting into the concept of Cephalon Fragments, it is important that we are aware of what a Cephalon is. In simple words, Cephalon is a fundamentally strong AI (Artificial Intelligences) which have developed during the era of Orokin. 

Some of these, including the Cephalon Ordis rule the system of the ship and more importantly develop it so the inhabitants aren’t required to perform any measures so as to properly maintain and sustain the ship.

Many others, such as the Simaris and the Suda Cephalon are even stronger and powerful beings which give a shot at acquiring as much information and knowledge as possible.

When talking about the bigger picture, if a Cephalon is equivalent to artificial intelligence, then the Fragments of Cephalon are the small pieces of that artificial intelligence. Every little piece of the Cephalon Fragment is a part of what once was AI, and every single one of these pieces consists of the riddles to the Universe of the War frame.

You can easily access these pieces or fragments by scrutinizing them with either the Synthesis scanner or else with the help of Codex also, you could perform this.

What Do These Contain?

So, after knowing about what Cephalon Fragments mars are, the next question which arises is what do these contain, and do cephalon fragments always spawn? When we talk in terms of the game, every piece of Cephalon Fragment mars contains pieces of an even larger picture or photo. Depending on which planet you are on, in the solar system, you can require fragments, with numbers varying from 3 to 7 in order to unbolt a segment of the hidden lore.

Once finished, every single Fragment is set forth in the Universe tab of the Codex, and each one of these consists of a larger picture and moreover, a small description of what is actually exhibited by the image.

In addition to all of this, there is also an audio file which is hidden on these Fragments which you will be required to mouse hover the picture so as to precisely find the place where you really need to click, and also providing an audible hint which informs you when you need to go a bit closer than before.

All of these audio transmissions are from the Cephalon Ordis, and as result they can be disjointed somehow.

Where Can These Cephalon Fragments Are Found?

Though this can be said as a question which is tricky, yet technically it can be said that the Fragments can be found on every moon, planet as well as in the asteroids in the chart of the stars. These Fragments will not come into picture though on the missions of the Fortress of Kuva, bounties in the Eidolon Pains as well as the Orb Vallis, or any kind of defence or the missions of archwing. You can also understand Fragments as a small piece which is somewhat similar to Toroids of warframe toroid farm, a rare resources that can be acquired from enemies or in caves as a rare item in Orb Vallis.

Other than the missions mentioned above, every other mission will consist of these Fragments in it, which you are required to find. And this task may prove to be a difficult one as the map of the Warframe exclusive of the open zones of the world is formed from distinct tiles that can be randomly placed together so as to develop a different map every single time.

However, every single tile is always similar and there are very less particular and detailed spots where the Cephalon Fragments can release their eggs. Once you get confident with the tiles, it may get possible to look out for the spawning spots for the Cephalon Fragments. They will also be useful while finding the Medallions of the Syndicate which too will spawn in the exact same places as the Cephalon Fragments.

But again, every one of these maps is generated in a random manner with the help of the tiles, making it difficult for you to know the spots of finding the Cephalon Fragment at the starting of the mission.  Although, looking out diligently will help you in finding these Cephalon Fragments, but there are easier methods for this too.

Different mods of the game will supply you with the ability called Loot Radar. With the assist from these distinct mods, you can cause some specific items to appear on the mini map once the proximity increases enough for you to detect them. A combining all of these mods, you will be enabled to run through the map with some surety of spotting the Fragments on the mini map.

What Is The Actual Number Of These Cephalon Fragment?

Well, there are many Cephalon Fragments and you will be required to scan a total of 223 Fragments. There are particular number of Fragments on every planet which needs to be examined before there is another entry loaded into the codex of yours.

There are 2 or 3 pieces of lore which requires you to scrutinize either 3, 5 or 7 fragments in order to unbolt them. Planets like Venus and Earth, which are the early planets only need as far as 3 scans so as to unlock the entry of the codex while planets such as Sedna and Pluto, which are the later ones require 7 such scans.

While Earth and Venus have 9 such Fragments to be examined, planets like Ceres, Uranus, Jupiter, Lua, Neptune and The Void have 10 Fragments each. Mars, Europa, Saturn and Phobos each have 15 such Fragments to get scrutinized. On the other hand, planets of Pluto and Sedna have 14. The hardest or the toughest planets to complete are Orokin Derelict and Eris with 21 fragments on their name.


Q1. Do Cephalon Fragments spawn on defence?

Yes, these Cephalon Fragments do spawn on defence. In each of these specific missions, a single fragment of Cephalon or one fragment of somachord will come in picture on your map. These can be spotted on the mini maps easily with the assistance from the various mods of the loot radar. You also require a codex scanner or a synthesis scanner which is already equipped in the gear so as to examine them.

Q2. Where do Cephalon Fragments spawn on Mars?

These Cephalon Fragments are a display of blue coloured bright things which are found randomly on the missions of the planet of Mars. At times, it may get tough to reach for these Fragments. So, in order to scrutinize them, you are first required to buy the scanners from the market itself.

Q3. What is the easiest way to get Cephalon Fragments?

While there are various distinct methods to locate the spots of the fragments of Cephalon, there is this one method which can be described as the easiest of the lot.
In this method, you are required to capture the various missions with the help of the Detector of the Loot, the Wit of the Thief with maximum level of efficiency and a better range. Speeding around the min map so as to find these will allow you to get these easily and fastly.

Q4. Does thief’s wit show Cephalon fragments?

Yes, indeed the thief’s wit shows the Cephalon Fragments. The Thief’s wit marks these Fragments of Cephalon on the mini maps with the icon of a unique blue coloured diamond, hence helping in showing or spotting these fragments of Cephalon.  Similarly the Frame Fighter Fragments and Somachord are then again marked with their respective icons.


With all the information regarding the Warframe Cephalon Fragments, we hope it gets easy for you to find these Fragments and collect these. As collecting fragments are necessary for survival missions like warframe sanctuary onslaught. You will thus see in the whole process, how intriguing it can get to collect or gather the Cephalon Fragments and the other kinds too. So don’t wait and collect these fragments as much as you can. Enjoy gaming!