Dive Deep Into The Chronicles Of Spyro Tree Tops Guide

Tree Tops is one of the levels of the game of Spyros- THE DRAGON which is a component of the domain of the Creators of the Beast or the Makers of the same. This stage is one of the toughest and hard to crack nuts in the whole game.

Here is a guide to all your issues and the solution and ways to help you get through all the checkpoints and battle it out.

Checkpoints In The Spyro Tree Tops Guide

1. The First Checkpoint

Due to the utter difficulty and the complexity of the layout of this particular level, the first checkpoint is the toughest level of this game, The Game of Insomniac treetops Spyros. It also consists of enemies such as the Misty Bog, thereby making the level more intriguing and interesting.

You will first land on the 0 Island, when you start your journey from the beginning. After the landing, you will come across the Green Thief who is sprinting into that level of the game. These green thieves hold the keys, than the usual eggs which are carried by the Thieves of the Blue.

You are now required to go inside the first room and then kill the Boy with the Banana, and his elder brother named, Strong arm for two blue-coloured events. You know you need to collect two red coloured gems, and then go ahead to kill the second Strong arm so as to obtain his green gem.

Move forward in the same direction, so as to kill the two other Strong Arms and then get hold of the green and the blue coloured gems and then walk to the balcony, and again do away with the Banana Boys in order to get the possession of their blue and green coloured gems.

From there, you are required to slide off to Island A1 from Island, where you will come across the Red Thief and the Strong Arm. You will receive a blue coloured gem from Strong Arm, but when it comes to the Red Thief, he will take a flight, and won’t be caught.

You are now required to go and get the two Strong Arms killed in order to have the golden and blue gems in your hold. After this, ignoring the Strong Chest, you need to move up the steps and get the three red coloured gems in the way in your possession. 

Now, before you rescue the dragon named Isaac, you first have to flame up the two strong chests so as to have the green and the blue coloured gems.

2. The Second Checkpoint

Now, as you start moving in the upward direction, you will tend to come across a ramp which is supercharged, where you will see a sealed chest in the arriving zone which can only be broken by you once it gets supercharged. Now you have to move down the ramp and then jump off from the Isaac Dragon and then to get hold of the golden coloured gem, you need to strike off the Sealed Chest.

After this, you are to come down the steps and collect the blue coloured topper chests and then blow off the Strong arm for his gem, which is blue coloured before getting catch of the 1 up oyster.

Now, get hold of the blue, red and the two green coloured gems and then kill the Banana Boy and the Strong Arm for his two blue coloured gems and from there get on to the top of the ramp which is supercharged.

After this, you need to make a jump to Island A3 from Island A2. From the Island A3, you can pick two of the blue coloured gems and two green ones respectively. Ignoring the Returning to Home Vortex, you are required to take back the Whirlwind to the supercharged ramp, which is on the Island A2.

Once you get to the top, you will be able to look around the wooden wall where you are required to find a walkway coiling up a tree at some distance. Yes, that is the Island 0 towards which you are looking at.

Go over to the Island 0 and look out for the Whirlwind, which is present towards your left as you continue moving in the forward direction. Get hold of it and return to the point from where it all started.

Now, move to the first room again where you will witness two windows on the left. You will have to make a jump from the window on the right hand side so as to arrive at the walkway which is the initiation of the Path B.

3. The Third And The Last Checkpoint

After listening to the advice, you are required to collect three red coloured gems and three green coloured ones which are present towards the right of the supercharged ramp, and five chests which are at the left of it so as to collect the three green coloured gems and the two blue coloured gems.

Now, you need to charge down the ramp and leap off at the lip towards the end so as to reach over to the B3 Islands. Here you are required to get away from Strong Arm and the two Banana boys for the three coloured gems and then get rid of the two fan chests for obtaining two more of the blue coloured gem.

From there, you need to slide off to the Island of B4 so as to reach the top of this supercharged ramp. The next islands, named the B5 Islands consist of a chest which is sealed and can only be opened with a super charge only.

You are only required to go downwards in the direction of the ramp and make a jump from there and collect the golden gem after opening the sealed chest.

The Two Most Difficult Jumps Of The Game

1. Third Dragon

This jump is by far the most difficult jump in the whole game. You need to start by going forward in the way towards the B Path, till the point where you reach the location of Dragon Lyle. Make sure to roam around his pad so as to mark this as an important check point, so that you are able to make a return to the top of the ramp in order to try once more.

Now, you are required to move down the ramp and leap off to the B3 Island with the help of the pillars. Move ahead in the rightward direction, and then get on the ramp which is there on the B4 Islands. 

When you move forward, make the hard turn towards the right so as to land in the wrong method on the supercharged ramp which can actually be found on the Island of A2, where you can come across the other spyro tree tops last dragon.

2. Red Thief

You need to take the help of Whirlwind here, so as to make a return to the Island of B2. Now, you will be wishing to go to Island A2 where you can meet Dragon Isaac, either with the assistance of the Supercharged Ramp or through the normal back tracking.

Once you reach there, you need to step on the pad of Isaac, so as to save this as the checkpoint. Before beginning, you need to land at the lower region of the Island of A2 and make use of that key which was founded by you in early stage on the B Path so as to open up the Strong chest and get five green coloured and one golden coloured gems in your hands.

Go down the ramp and turn towards the right direction and go towards the walkway on the 0 Island. After this, you are required to continue moving on the ramp and then make a jump on the lip towards the very end. If you continue to move in the forward direction, you would be able to cross off the wall and arrive at the ramp of the Island A2.

You need to continue moving down the ramp, so as to get promoted to the Orange Grade Supercharge. After this, you are required to make a jump off at the end as high as you are able to so as to reach the upper region of the Island of A3.

Once you arrive at this upper region, the urge to get hold of the Red Thief and his Gem, pink in color, will increase, or else he would be able to get to the point of the beginning on the Island A2.

You will come across three green-colored gems, five blue colored gems, and a pink colored one. Remember to break the two chests for the blue colored and the green-colored gems, and then to break the fan chests for the golden-colored gems.

And that is it. You are done with this level. You can move ahead further with Harmonica of the Red Dead Redemption 2 to get a more tough and hard battle to compete against your rivals.


The game spyro tree tops guide, is a rather interesting one, and with new features and creations, has been able to attract a large population of people and the gamers. The interesting and rather amazing feature of the game spyro tree tops guide lies in the difficulty level of the same.

With various different checkpoints and many gems to collect, the game is rather a fascinating one where you can use the collected gems and the fragments like warframe cephalon fragments for various distinct purposes. The various characters of the game tend to add a different structure to the game.

So, don’t wait anymore if you haven’t played the game. Go, and experience the thrill and see if you are good enough to make it through and are able to crack this nut.