Unlock Your Excitement For RDR2 Harmonica

The Harmonica in RDR 2 is an exceptional item which you will require so as to battle and compete against your rivals and your requests from one of the companions of yours. This Harmonica of the Red Dead Redemption 2 may get tough and difficult to find and be quite a task until and unless you aren’t aware of its exact location.

This integral item cannot be bought from the regular stores nor can you loot these from the dead enemies. The only option left with you is to find these is either by prospecting the large world of Harmonica RDR2 or by taking assistance from a guide that will lead you to its exact location.

So here is a guide for you to enable and help you in the search for this important item.

Finding The Location Of RDR2 Harmonica

In order to get your hands on the Harmonica RDR 2, you need to begin from the station of Flat Neck, which is located southwestward of the region of Heartland. After reaching there, you need to make a call to your horse and ride with it in the direction east.

After heading forward, you will come across a small ranch which is a tiny point on the map and you could choose to ignore it if you aren’t well informed about the presence of an important thing in there.

You now need to enter the small house where you will find some shelves on behind of the door. In one of these shelves is where you will find what you are looking for – the rdr2 harmonica location. To be precise, it’s on the third one from the top.

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But the whole venture isn’t as easy as it seems. Probabilities are that you may run into the rancher maybe outside or inside or around the house. And just like the normal human being, he won’t be very enthusiastic of seeing a stranger walking around in his home and touching and seeing through his stuffs and possessions. The best you could do is try to have a conversation with him and give an attempt on making him calm and relaxed.

However, that’s not the route or the method that you should follow. Instead of going for a long method, you can opt for gunning the rancher like he is nothing in front of you. Well, yes he does own a gun which is indeed pointed towards you but that is only because you tried to enter his house secretly and he became aware of the same. So in such cases, a weapon like warframe ignis wraith would be helpful for you.

So, you have both the options in front of you and it is now in your hands that which of the two methods is best suited for you because you have to come into terms with him and deal him. For a reminder, try to not kill him off because he might be of some use to you in the side missions which arrive later in the RDR 2.

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Using The Harmonica

The Harmonica is the present which you design for Sadie. So for a perfect rdr2 sadie harmonica reward, you need to get back to the camp situated in the Point of the Clemens and then look out for NPC in there. Now, you need to go towards the woman, who is of a young age, and give the item to her and hence, complete the request of the Companion Item.

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Finding the Harmonica can become quite a difficult task if you don’t pay the right attention in the game. And being an integral item, you can’t allow yourself to not have it. Being an item of Companion Request, it is important that you gift it to Sadie.

And to do so, you need to get rid of the rancher whom you come across at the small ranch. Through this article, we hope that it gets clear and easier for you to crack this nut in the game. So move ahead, be strong to compete for much more interesting missions like those of missions in dmc 5.

So, go ahead and play this survival game and see if you can find this item. And for those, who still haven’t played this game, do try to play and see what it holds for you.