Discover A New Warrior With The Mask Of The Revenant

The power that you obtain from playing the part of the Revenant is immense. It gives you all those feelings of being strong and vigorous while playing the role of a grudge-bearing ghost. The powers of this ghost include taking control of the enemies in the game, putting up armors that are ghostly in nature, decreasing the life months of the enemies, and the fatal or life-threatening showers of supernatural fires.

Abilities Of The Mask Of The Revenant

The Enthrall

Through this ability, the Revenant can brainwash a single target so as to make it possible to change their sides. The best thing about this is that the ones who have already been brainwashed can turn the other enemies also to their side with the help of the attacks which they possess. The end outcome of all of this is that your impact and authority will spread over a large area which will resemble a plague across the whole of the battlefield. In the scenario of the death of your enemies, the drones are supposed to emit pillars of flame.

This capability has the tendency to benefit highly from the increasing modules of duration since it has the capacity to affect both the span of the lifespan of the pillar flames and that of the enthrallment as well. The range is less integral and has a lower volume. The Enthrall possesses a good reach by default and most importantly the growth of the brainwash is not affected in any way by the decrease in range.

The Mesmer Skin

With the application of this ability, the mask of the revenant is able to cover himself up with a tough and resistant ghost shield. The buff is able to absorb a set amount of hits. The skin has the ability to reflect any kind of damage back at the enemies, who then enter into the state of being stunned. The armor gets deactivated in the situation of achieving the required set of hits. Therefore, get ready with your armor and don’t waste the opportunity of brainwashing the crowd for free.

The Reave

Reave, one of the Revenant’s attacking powers, has the ability to convert himself into energy and thereafter makes a rush towards the attackers. From every single hit, he has the capacity to belittle the health and the shields of the enemies. 

In order to get the best out of the Reave, you need to keep an attention on the mods around the duration of boosting. The effective and the right distance for this talent is measured more by time travel and less by the range. The damage caused by Reave is in no way affected by the power strength. And in the end, there is no need for you to worry about devoting the mods to strength.

The Danse Macabre

In the scenario of featuring the Danse Macabre, you are to rotate around and fill the war field with the death-causing beams of the laser. The Revenant also has the option to channelize any kind of destruction coming towards him by using the weapons Warframe Wolf Sledge. This ability blends perfectly with the above-mentioned ones, and even better with Enthrall. 

Mask Of The Revenant Missions

The First Mission – Loom A New Threat(Eidolon Plains)

The fields of the region of Eidolon must be entered by Tenno during the night itself whilst the operator is in possession of the mask of the lost individual.

Nakak: “Okay. It’s fine, Tenno. But in case I witness the things of Unum, it comes down to you and your responsibilities.”

You will come across a white region objective in the west direction of the shore of the lake of Gara Toht. You will thereafter witness a huge, flying Sentient, which resembles the structure of Ropalolyst, fluttering over the shrine of Eidolon on the lake. This Sentient will fade into the water upon setting a foot in the objective region.

Nakak: Is it operating properly? Oh yes, it is. It implies that we are left with no way for us to get out of this place. Just on the bank, you shall come across a pale green-colored patch of light glowing on the ground, and with it was a scarring and terrifying arm trying to reach out of the ground so as to grab in the air.

Nakak: Oh God! What in the world is it? Is it some Eidolon? Oh no, it isn’t. I never assumed I would say this, but can we get a better and a closer view?

Getting in contact with the path in which the light travels will cause the light to fade and disappear. The looming of a new threat will be put in surveillance with the Codex and an old memory from the Unum is what will be received by Nakak.

Nakak: Why on Earth do I remember all of this? The ground here is just too hot and is filled with strangeness. This is the time and place where the Sentient gets vanquished by the Gara. During the moonrise is when its tendrils will arise and will get developed and will wish to make a return. This was the warden, the war frame. I am able to look at all of this, like a hallucination repeating itself.  The tendrils come into existence, repeating itself every night as well as the warden and cutting and destroying itself to the point where the warden himself gets off track. How could this be possible?

Nakak The only thing going on in my head is the Unum and all that she wants you to do is to look out for the tiny bits and pieces of the lost one and reconstruct it.  What are you talking about? Do I look like someone who has all the time in the world? Maybe the best solution is you having a conversation with Konzu.

In case Tenno is in possession of any component of mask of the revenant in their inventory, Nakak will move ahead towards completing the next objective. If such a situation occurs that there are two or more components, the whole hunt could get finished in a single mission. If this doesn’t happen, then you may witness the return of Tenno to the Cetus so as to get hands on the components.

Nakak: “Look Tenno! The Unum requires you to bring the forgotten one back to us? But how? Have you tried to talk to Kunzu till now?

Kunzu will be receiving the blueprint for the components of Revenant which will be given to him on the bounty board as the honor for the bounties of the third, fourth, and fifth tiers. These bounties must get finished by Tenno until he is able to receive the blueprint and design it in the Foundry. Once they claim all of this, they may move forward by getting inside the plains.

The Second Mission: A Long-Forgotten Terror (Eidolon Plains)

The Tenno should opt for entering the plains during the nights while the operator is equipped with the Mask of Lost One.

Nakak: The spirit of the lost one calls for help. We don’t have the option of leaving anyone behind. Are you prepared, Tenno? The objective of the region is now located in the eastern direction of the lake of Gara Toht accompanied by a patch of energy on the shore of the lake. The flying Sentient will re-appear for a quick second upon witnessing the region of the objective.

Nakak: Do you not see, Khanung? The last one competing- what cropped up?

Feeling the patch of light can be used to scan the terror of long forgotten fragments within the Codex.

Nakak: “Here we move again. I remember the emergence of the tendrils and the pool glowing and this war frame has the ability to draw its weapon. Oh no. Wait. He doesn’t destroy anything.  As before, Tenno needs to obtain another component of Revenant so as to proceed further.

The Third Mission: The One Who Got Lost (The Eidolon Plains)

The Tenno has to enter the Plains during the night itself, same as the first two missions. 

Nakak: “Tell me about what happened with the one who got lost. Find about the region from which he made a call to us. And inform me once you reach there.”

This instance, the objective region is on the river as it streams from the Spring of Rethi and flows towards the lake, with a patch of light glowing on the eastern bank.  Yes, you will see the flying Sentient, but only for an interval of a few seconds. It will appear, and after hovering close to the water will disappear.

Nakak: “You see, there he is- trying to escape. Could you offer him a helping hand? Touching the patch of light can scan fragments “The One Who Got Lost” in the Codex.

Nakak: “I can witness the tendrils again this time.  Instead of hitting it, he forwards a helping hand to Eidolon? Khanung! What do you think was going on in his mind? He is the same as the Mukha on the top of the tower. I remember Mukha clamoring across the ledges of the tower, and nothing occurred.  Oh, Tenno, I can see the tendrils getting hold of him. Of the lost one.  He has now become an anchor to the Eidolon. The lost one is now struggling but couldn’t help himself. The Eidolon is appearing and the lost one falls down from the world of the living and down, into the next. Mukha, that was very stupid.”

After Nakak completes the whole story, a spectral war frame will come into the picture and start to attack on Tenno, using the abilities of the Revenant and a shotgun of Phantsama.

Nakak: “Khanung! It’s coming right at us. Hold on! He is changing into a mask for some Eidolon. We have to stop it from rebuilding itself. Tenno, it is your responsibility to get rid of it.

After the ghost of the Revenant is destroyed, Tenno will get a blueprint for the war frame of the Revenant.

Nakak: “With the help from Unum, you have been able to fulfil the task. The last one is indeed reborn. A war frame blended with the powers of Eidolon. That is a dangerous thought. But the truth is we might need it in the later future.

Looking for other mini games? In the coming days Mask of the revenant get a closer look at a few mini games which you need to set up first. You need to buy the “Ludoplex”. While the mini game Frame fighter is present already in the Ludoplex, you need to purchase the others from Simaris.

Frame Fighter: It is a mini fan-made game that consists of the War frame characters. It was loved so much by the team of DE that they added it to the official game. 

Wyrmius: A situation on the famous side shooter, Gradius. The players will get to know various mask of the revenant locations across the police station of Corpus and shoot the enemies and gather the power ups.

Happy Zephyr: It resembles exactly what it sounds like- isn’t a regular bird but with Zephyr.


The abilities of the mask of the revenant are good enough to tell you how powerful he can be. And the missions are good enough to tell you that it is a tough nut to crack. So be careful as well as vigilant while you play this game and shot your enemies with the powerful weapon warframe ignis wraith. Else the Mask of Revenant, a vengeful ghost can get the better of you. Moreover, the mask of the revenant craft a revenant component in various different levels to make it more interesting for its players.