Kingdoms Heart 3 Synthesis Guide 2020 – Showcasing Everything

I don’t believe it would be a bona fide RPG which doesn’t include consequential action of crafting, and this game doesn’t display a tad bit of mortification with the array of options of crafting in the Workshop of the Moogles which is the welcome homecoming of Synthesis in the series of Kingdom Hearts. As always, one needs an exposition of materials of synthesis so as to construct these. However, bringing these materials together isn’t a piece of cake.

However, synthesis is something worth doing. Once the Kingdom Heart 3 photo missions have been completed, and the blue prints have been unlocked, the next step which needs to be followed is to make use of these blueprints to develop new, formidable items that would be used in the battle. In case of situations arising during the game, like tacking post-game Kingdom Heart 3 battle gates, one needs the finest gear so they can get their hands on. A few items in line include the key blade upgrades or the crafting of the ultimate weapon, which require few discrete materials. But worry not, because that is where we provide ways to rescue.

In the subsequent trailing pages, we mention a list of all the items of synthesis available in Kingdom Heart 3, along with the methods of cultivating them by overpowering a specific set of enemies in a specific set of regions which are expected to drop these synthesis materials. The below guide is still something which requires alteration because there is always something new to add to the non-exhaustive drop list. So, in case you feel we have missed anything out, please remind us of the same in the comment section below.

List Of Location Of The Key Material Ingredients For Upgradation & Craft In Kingdom Hearts 3 Synthesis Guide

The major part of getting the Synthesis trophy is finding the locations of the Synthesis Material ingredients. These materials are the rarest and the “key ingredients” and help to craft the upgrade to all the key blades in Kingdom Hearts 3. Here is our list of the major ingredients:

Getting Fluorite In The KH 3

Fluorite can be used as the most important and most often used item or ingredients in the upgrading of the key blades and the synthesis of various items in the Kingdom of Hearts 3. One can get these fluorites while doing the various missions of Gummi Ship. Simply shooting at the various asteroids will lead to them dropping the fluorite. After reaching a specific or a particular, fluorite will become available for vending in shops of Moogle for approximately 500 money.

Getting Damascus In The KH 3

It is yet another item that is an important element in crafting and shaping the importance of the key blades. You can easily find it here: Similar to the finding of Fluorite, one can also find Damascus in space while flying the Gummi Ship. Damascus will be dropped by from these asteroids and various distinct kinds of crystals which can be destroyed with the weapons which you hold in your possession. Look for and find those specific blue colored crystals which show in all of the three regions of the space – Eclipse, The Star Light Way, and the third being The Misty Stream.

Getting Adamantite In The KH 3

It is another integral and difficult to find material but has the properties and characteristics which are similar to the ones of the few of the ingredients of the synthesis. One can find these while being present inside the Gummi Ship. The world map of the kingdom hearts 3 synthesis guide as mentioned above is divided in 3 different regions

Getting Orichalcum In The KH 3

It is a kind of vanilla, which is as difficult to find as the Orichalcum Plus and it shall be cultivated only from the asteroids blasting in Eclipse.

  • Like Damascus and Adamantite, kingdom hearts 3 orichalcum can be witnessed in space in the ship of Gummi. These are only found inside the eclipse from blasting asteroids and they are fairly rare. The only thing to be made sure is that the ability of gummi is equipped to increase the drop rates. All you have to do then is relax and wait for some moment.
  • These can also crop up in treasure boxes in the region of the Caribbean. One might not find these gathered here and there to be mustered, but a few of them can be grabbed from the confidential valuables trove which can be found in the southernmost end of the Sandbar Island.

Getting Orichalcum Plus In The KH 3

Another one of the high-end key blade upgrade ingredients is the Orichalcum Plus – it appears in various processes of synthesis as well, which includes being a member of creating the Ultimate Weapon. These can be grabbed in a few distinct regions – the total number being seven in here, and acquiring all of them is required so as to construct the Weapon Ultima.

  1. Valuable Chest Found In The Caribbean: In the Island of Exile in the Treasure or Chest of valuables. 
  2. Treasure Chest found In The End World (at Graveyard of Keyblade): After one has been sent to the End World and has returned from the Graveyard of Keyblade, one can make a comeback with the help of a teleporter which is red in color, and in the same place one will find the chest of riches and valuables which also consists of Orichalcum.
  3.  Postcard Of Shop Of Moogles: Obtained as a complete non conscious reward while mailing a Postcard that has been obtained from the shop of moogles.
  4. The goal is to acquire all the ten kh3 arendelle treasures which can be established in the mini-game. These can later be accessed by having a conversation with Elsa who is present at the ridge of the mountains.
  5.  Reward Of Lucky Emblems: Click multiple pictures of all of the 80 emblems which are considered to be lucky.
  6. Gummi Ship: Once the Machine of Omega present in Eclipse has been defeated, the Gummiship represents the rank-5 boss which needs the completion of other battles occurring in the region, and then this boss surfaces at the topmost of this pyramid.
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Full Material List Of Locations Of Other Ingredients Of Synthesis Used In Kingdom Heart 3

With the completion of the major ingredients, let’s focus on the various distinct materials of synthesis in kh3 synthesis guide. The other items are quite rare, but mostly they all come from encounters of the enemies in Kingdom Hearts 3 (few other methods in some cases) – Below we list the various worlds and which enemies one can culture to seek the materials of synthesis one needs to drop.

With the completion of the synthesis of all the important materials and being done with them, it’s now time for the gamers to turn their eyes towards the synthesis process of the other ingredients in Kingdom Hearts 3.

These items which are not the most significant ones but still have a role to play vary in the context of rarity but for a larger portion, these are dropped down by the encounters of the enemies which are heartless to a very large extent. 

Location Of The Other Material To Be Synthesized

Blazing Shards, Stones, Gems & Crystals

  • Vermilion Samba – the heartless enemy from Farm blazing Shard in the region of Olympus or the area of Bizarre Archer- the heartless enemy in the Corona Kingdom.
  • Once the game ends, the Blazing Shards and the Blazing Stone both are released in the very first battle gate.
  • This heartless enemy drops the Blazing Stone in the world of Olympus.
  • Post this, the heartless enemy of Pole Cannon descends another Stone of Blazing in San Fransikyo.
  • The  section of Rail Grind can release the Blazing Gem in either San Fransokyo or Olympus
  • Finally on the game coming to an end, one can get the Crystals of Blazing from the 12th Battlegate , which are considered one among the difficult challenges

 Shards, Stones, Gems & Crystals of Frost

  • The heartless enemy of Winterhorn descends the Frost Shards in Arendelle
  • Arendelle also experiences the fall of Frost Stone from the heartless enemy – Frost Serpent.
  • There are also chances of dropping Frost stone from the region of Caribbean in the Sprite Sea. 
  • Frost gems can also be obtained from targeting the wings of the serpents of Frost in the region of Arendelle. The snowballs can be ridden and can be broken open once the storage capability is enough for the extra gems.
  • Finally, the Crystals of the Frost looks like the sporadic drop obtained from the Serpent of the Frost.

Shards, Stones, Gems & Crystals of Lightning

  • The Shards of Lightning are brought into light in the form of tiny drops from the Heartless Soldier in Arendelle.
  • San Fransokyo experiences the exquisite drop of Lighting Gem from the heartless enemy – Tireblade.
  • Once the story gets completed, one can obtain the Lighting Crystals, Shards and Stones as droplets from the oppoentsin the 4th gate of battle.
  • Battlegate 1 receives the droplets of the Gems of Lightning as well.
  • Irrespective, the supreme location for getting Crystal of Lightning  is the 12th battle gate.

Shards, Stones, Gems & Crystals of Betwixt

  • One can receive the Shards of Betwixt from the nobody enemy – Dusk
  • The Sniper nobody drops this stone at a place  in San Fransikyo
  • In Arendelle one can see the drop of the Betwixt Gem from the nobody enemy – Reaper.
  • Post-Game, all the four kinds of synthesis items and materials of Betwixt can be dropped from the 9th Battle gate.

Twilight Shards, Stones, Gems & Crystals

  • The Nobody enemy – Dusk drops the Twilight Shards as well as the Twilight Stones.
  • The Gem & Crystals of Twilight meanwhile dropped from that one gambler which was found by no one in the region of Caribbean.
  • For Shard, Stone and Gems of Twilight, enemies inside drop them in the 9th battle gate once the challenges get unbolted.
  • To get the Twilight Crystal, the Gambler enemies need to be defeated. Reach the Fort of the world of Caribbean and pave your way towards the Settlement. From there, one may come across four on the bridge. One needs to head towards the docks and look for as much as four others in the process of clearing. From the Point of Save in the Docks, run again in the direction of the Fort and reiterate the process.

Writhing Shards, Stones, Gems & Crystals

  • The heartless – Shadow generates drops of Writhing Shards and Stones.
  • The Fluttering enemies found in Monstropolis also drop the Writhing Gems and Shards.
  • One can also find a group in Corona Kingdom by only fighting the heartless bat type in the hollow which ultimately led to the Tower of Rapunzel.

Hungry Shards, Stones, Gems & Crystals

  • The heartless – Popcats in the store of video games available in the world of Toy Box drop both the Hungry Shard and the Hungry Stone. One may find them in Arendelle too, located at some distance from the Point of Gorge Save.
  •  The enemies of the Earth core descend the Hungry Shards at times. These elemental enemies can be found Heartless in the region of Olympus.
  • Arendelle has Frost serpent which releases the rare gem called the Hungry gemOne can receive Hungry Crystals by blowing up the tails right before they put themselves beneath the ice.

Stones, Shards, Gems and Crystals of Pulsing

  • The Pulsing Shards and Pulsing Stones manifest themselves from the heartless Power wild. They are a part of the Corona kingdom.
  • Olympus finds the enemy of the core of Earth. They drop the Pulsing Shards.
  • For gems of pulsing, hit a heartless Satire in the region of Arendelle. Such foes can also have the opportunity of dropping  the Stones of Pulsing.
  • One can receive both the Stones and the gems of Pulsing by hitting a globe in the Room of Andy,
  • In case one needs the Crystal of Pulsing, find the heartless – Large Body which is very basic across the game. Pulsing Crystal tends to be amongst the most difficult items for dropping, hence they are considered making them synthesis.

Mythril Shard, Mythril Stone, Mythril Gem & Mythril Crystal

  • The process of knocking down the asteroids and the blue coloured crystals can sometimes drop the shards and the stones of Mythrill.
  • You also have the opportunity to actually create Shards, Gems, Stones and Crystal thorugh synthesis using materials of Betwixt and those of Twilight.
  • You may also grab the items of Mythril from demolishing the objects located on Arendelle within the Labyrinth.

The Shards Of Sinister, Stones Of Sinister, Gems And Crystals Of Sinister

  • These items of the Sinister can only be dropped down from Un versed, something a player can only find in the place called, Monstropolis.
  • The various items like the Sinister stones, and the gems and the shards can be collected as droplets from the enemies of Flower Snake in the world of Monstropolis.
  • These crystals of Sinister may be looked for in the region of Monstropolis. All that you need to do is look for the heartless enemy named Spiked Turtle Toad. You can also find these crystals in the region of Tank Yard.

Well Spring Shards, Stones Of Wellspring, Well Spring Gems And Crystals

  • For the stones and the shards, all that you need to do is search for and find Lady Parasol.
  • These Well Spring Shards can also be found in the Corona Kingdom which are dropped from the Power Wild enemy.
  • For collecting the stones, you need to look out for the Pogo Voshel enemy in the region of Monstropolis.
  • These stones can also be collected from Pole Cannon enemies in the area of San Fransysko.
  • The WellSpring gems can be gathered from the region of Turtle Toad in Monstropolis.
  • You can either try the Tire blade or the Air Soldier enemies so as to catch  the crystals of Well Spring.

Lucid Shards, The Stones Of Lucid And Gems And Crystals

  • The Malachito Bolero drops the shards of Lucid in the Corona kingdom.
  • In order to grab the Lucid stone, you need to defeat the heartless Air Soldier which are common to a large extent throughout the game.
  • To get your hands onto the Lucid gems, you are required to defeat the heartless Chief Puff again in the Kingdom Corona. For a reminder, this Chief Puff also forms an objective for the Photo Missions of KH3. 
  • For the Lucid Crystals, you have to go to Aisle of Luck situated in the Caribbean which is the fastest way to grab these crystals.

Soothing Shards, The Soothing Stones And Gems And Crystals

  • The Toy Soldiers drop these Soothing Shards in the world of Toy Box, especially in the region of Kids Korral.
  • You can also get one of these shards in the Watercourse in the Carribean. 
  • You need to defeat a heartless Marine Rumba in the Caribbean or Arendialle in so as to get your hands on the Soothing Stones.
  • For the Soothing Gems, you are required to defeat the Spear Lizard heartless in the Caribbean.
  • For all these Soothing Synthesis materials can be dropped from the enemies in the battlegate number 10 once unbolted.

The Synthesis Trophy of Kingdom Hearts 3 can be acquired by the synthesis of all the 88 kinds of different equipment and implements and the materials which are secured in the game of the Kingdom Hearts 3.  These materials and the equipment can be crafted within the Workshop of the Moogles.

The Synthesis Trophy Of Kingdom Heart 3

To find the Synthesis Trophy of the Kingdom Hearts 3, the gamers are required to discover the correct materials and equipment and the items from the stock which is provided in the game. 

The gamers can secure the materials in their own possession by defeating the various enemies they come across in the game, destroying the items which could be broken, by the completion of the collector goals, by robbing the treasure chests, and last but not the least, through the synthesis of the various materials which are available.

The gamers also have the ability to get the right items and recipes by completing all the missions of the Photos and at the same time complete the Collectors Goal. The goals of the Collectors can only be completed if the player is able to bring to the table a particular amount of each specific material to the Workshop held by the Moogles. This amount of a specific material can vary widely, starting from 1 to 1000 of a single one of them.

The gamers can also unbolt the Photo Missions by finishing the stories and the players are also required to click pictures of any particular location or personality, In order to unlock all of the recipes provided in the Kingdom Hearts 3, the gamers or the players are required to click at least 20 photographs and collect and bring in a minimum of 58 distinct variety of materials.

In order to obtain the trophy, the players are asked to find and acquire all the materials of the synthesis. The good news for all the players is that it is relatively easier to find most of these materials in the game.

Many of these important materials can also be gathered by finishing the Battle Gates post the challenges of the game. The synthesis section of the Gummi Phone’s will reveal the progress which you have made by synthesizing all of the integral materials in the game.


The game kingdom hearts 3 synthesis guide is all about the synthesis of important materials, items, equipment, and tools. The above article mentions the importance of the synthesis of the various materials and prerequisites and how and where the gamers can find them. The article also mentions the different ways in which the various missions can be completed or finished, thereby also providing a kh3 treasure guide to gamers throughout the world.  Getting the hold of the Trophy of Synthesis is the main motive and the major objective of the game of Kingdom Hearts 3. The major part of this content revolves around how the gamers can synthesize the various and distinct materials and items and the important recipes and how they can be collected.  The game Kingdom Hearts 3 is a fun game and a game of intelligence. Through the same article, we would like to help the gamers and make the game more intriguing and interesting for the gamers. 

So! If you haven’t played the game, go forward to take a look and see what it holds for you. And for the ones who know that the game is amazing and is loved by all.