A Brief Walkthrough On Kingdom Hearts 3

You all are aware of kingdom hearts III, the best selling game in history. Kingdom Hearts 3 is the addition of kingdom hearts series. The game is the 12th installment in the kingdom heart series and has been brought up as the conclusion of dark seeker saga”.

Kingdom Hearts 3 games were designed and developed by Square Enix. This game is designed to be played on playstation 4, Xbox one and windows.

Kingdom Hearts 3, a game that belongs to a kingdom hearts series, received great love from the audience. Its five million copies were sold in just one week of its release. The game has made a record of best selling game amongst all.

The game is based on its previous concept of kingdom hearts, supported with the conclusion of “dark seeker game”.


Name of the gameKingdom hearts 3
Developed bySquare Enix.
SeriesKingdom heart.
PlatformWindows, Xbox, play station 4
EngineUnreal Engine 4
Released dateJan 25, 2019.

The game provides you with different worlds where you can play and find treasures. They are listed below.

  • Olympus
  • Twilight town
  • Toybox
  • Kingdom of Corona
  • Monstropolis
  • Arendelle.
  • The hundred Acre wood
  • The Caribbean
  • San Fransokyo
  • The Keyblade Graveyard
  • The final word.

Here we will be discussing two mega worlds of kingdom hearts 3 i.e. Olympus and Twilight Town. So let us continue.


Olympus, a world of treasures. Here you will find many chests that you will acquire by winning the different levels. You will go in search of these chests. There are many places where you will find these chests. These places are listed in value. Follow these guides that you cannot miss them out.

1. Power Ring

All you have to do is reach the top of the statue. Go to the Olympus mount through Thebes/ Agora, the save point and look around for a statue which is at your right. Be quick and reach the top of the statue.

2. Water Cufflink

As you are moving from Thebes to reach at Ravine of Mount Olympus you have to look for the statue near to for feet appearing at your right. To find the chest, you have to hug that statue.

3. Potion, 4. Panacea, 5. Ability Ring

Moving further you will reach the mountains. You will come to a place where you will find both the long and the short running walls. Amongst them, you have to choose the shorter one so that you can find the cave where these three chests are available.

6. Bronze Necklace

After collecting the above chest, find a cliff edge where you can land to find for your other chest.

7. Potion

In this journey, you will get across an intersection where you have to climb the wall at your left. You have to defeat the heartless and that’s it, you are ready to collect another chest.

8. AP Boost

This time is Zeus’ time. Look for the Zeus statue and go through the walls to find the chest here.

9. Mount Olympus

Moving through the Ravine, you will come across an Apple tree. Stop there to find another chest.

10. AP boost

Moving towards the Rock titan you have to wait till the sky becomes dark and Sora leaps to the main edge. Go to the cave and move back to the cliff, you will discover another chest there.

11. Fluorite

Moving to your journey, you will find two paths upper and lower. You have to choose the lower one and go to the right to find the chest.

12. Hi- Ether

Enter into the cave and go to the first wall to make this treasure yours.

13. AP Boost

Moving to the best/ alleyway area you will come across the building where the civilians are saved by you. Climb the wall and cross the ledge.

14. Potion

As moving towards the Alleyway in agora you will find a wall that needs to be a break. Then you will find your chest

15. Fluorite

Move to the Thebes/Agora save point and then step to the stairs at the south to find the chest

16. Ether

In the big olive section on the trinity sled, you have to go left to find the area.


18. magic ring

Move to the gardens save points and break the statue of Hercules to break the walls.

19. Ether

When you come back sliding to the rooftop in Thebens,  you will land on the statue, where you will find your chest.

20. Shield belt

 To discover this treasure, you can take it with Trinity sled to do that take left, you will see a room. Step up on the stairs and look at the right corner to find your chest.

21. potion

You will find your chest when you will move towards the gardens safe point and in the middle near Gazebo.

22 . AP Boost

Before going down from the garden, you will pass by a courtyard, jump to the wall to find your chest.

23. Potion

You will find your chest near Wreckage when you reach the rooftop in Thebes.

24. Map: Thebes

From overlook stairs, you will find another chest for you there.

 25. Fluorite

Once you are done, now go to the Courtyard of the Realm of Gods, jump to the first set of stairs and then you will find your chest.

26. Refocuser

Move towards the courtyard of the realm of gods and at your right, you will find your chest.

27. Potion

Move towards the courtyard of the realm of gods and at your left, you will find your chest.

28. Mythril Shard

Move to the corridors save point in the realm of gods and you will take the steps. You will see some water and on the left, you will find your chest.

29. Realm of the Gods

Move to the corridors save point in the realm of gods you will find the largest chest.

30. Refocuser

Move to the save point corridors in the Realm of the Gods you should move towards the north so that you can go to Rail Gauntlet. After reaching the Cloud Ridge you should go and find your chest in the corner.

31. Elixir

Move to the save point corridors of the Realm of the Gods and keep going until you reach Airstep. Now with the help of Airstep, you can visit the second platform. You will find a large box. Open it to discover the largest chest.

32. Potion

Come back to the second platform before moving forward to collect your chest.

Twilight Town

Welcome to the world of treasure. As we have discussed above that there are many worlds in the game, the twilight town is one amongst them. This world is different from Olympus. So lets us understand what twilight town is all about


To collect this large chest, you have to move towards Bistro from the Tram Common Savepoint. You cannot miss this large chest.

2.Mythril Shard

Here you have to move towards the theatre which is to the northeast in Tram common, look around the northwest, you will find your chest there.


When you are in the Tram common, before moving to the sewers, first move to the dead ends to destroy the crates, so that you can discover your chest.


Again, in the Tram common, climb the largest building to reveal the chest.


In tram common, move towards the bistro and step up the stairs in the left and find your chest on the balcony.


To reach the woods, you have to move towards the Underground conduit.  Don’t take steps just go look at the left corner to reveal your chest.

7.AP Boost

Move towards the Woods so that you can find the tree in the northwest, to find your chest.


Look for the fallen tree to find your chest. It must be in the southern part, search it there.


You will reveal your chest under the ledge, but for it, you have to search it in woods, in the east.

10.Defense Boost

You will find your final chest in the Old Mansion Savepoint, in the north-east corner of the courtyard.

This was all about the twilight town. You will enjoy when you will play the game.


As the game offers many exciting features, it’s becoming more popular and is likable by many. The game offers many treasures while playing. There are many worlds where you can play. The different world gives great enjoyment to you. Finding treasures is great fun in the game. You will enjoy every moment of the game. An exciting kingdom hearts 3 walkthrough.

The different world offers you the best fun. Do try the game to have more fun. Enjoy playing the game. You will love it. Hope the article helped you.