Kingdom Hearts 3 Arendelle Treasures- All You Need to Know

The Arendelle Version of the game of KH 3 which revolves around the frozen land is one of the new worlds of this game. Being a tricky and tough level to crack, it comprises lean and strait mountain pathways and deep caves of ice. 

Collectibles In Kingdom Hearts 3 Arendelle Treasures

The level consists of a total of 39 locations where you can collect the different kh3 treasures and the emblems.

  • Treasures: 25
  • Lucky Emblems: 11
  • Classic Kingdom Games: 3

The Treescape

  • Treasure 1: The Map- The northern mountains: From the starting itself, you need to be running behind the shop of the Moggle so as to get your hands on his treasure chest.
  • Treasure 2: The Blizzard Chokers- Starting from the point of the save, you are required to move ahead towards the north passing through the grove of trees in the search of boulder which is present in the ground just before the scene where the path gets narrowed. At the top of that boulder is the chest that you are looking for.
  • Treasure 3: The Damascus- Head up to north direction on to the pathway that is narrow. Before you reach the destination of the next open region, you need to first look for the chest which is hidden behind the four bushes which are covered all with the snow.

The Middle Tier

  • The Lucky Emblem 2: All you need to do is move in the forward direction of the narrow path to the moment you come across the ice wall which is breakable in nature. In the adjoining room, there is a platform that has a very narrow structure. On one of these walls that are situated at the end of this platform is the structure of Lucky Emblem.
  • The 12th Treasure: The Snowman Rosette- Now you have to make a return trip to the room you previously went to and move ahead to the upward level. There you will find the stairs which will lead you ahead in the left direction. As you move forward, you will come across a walk made of ice toward your right.  First you are required to demolish this wall of ice and after you have completed this, you are to climb the formation of rock at the back of this room so as to get hold of the chest.
  • The 10th Treasure:The Map, The Ice Labyrinth- From the chest which you found out previously, you need to continue moving forward from there on till you don’t witness an ice wall towards the left direction. So, here also you have to destroy this ice wall so as to obtain the chest in your possession.

The Lower Tier

  • The 3rd Emblem of Luck: While you are present in the upper tier of the game, after you have succeeded in opening the path by spinning around the nearby pillars, you slide down the few of the slopes of ice. After this, you reach the tier which is the lower one. So, now to find the Lucky Emblem, you need to immediately turn towards the opposite direction.
  • The 14th Treasure: The Classic Kingdom Game of the Barnyard Sport- In room which consists of save points in the lower tier and then, spin both these pillars. After you have done this step, you need to climb up and reach the pathway which is there in the direction of north east and in there; you will find the thing you are looking forward to- the treasure chest.

The Middle Tier

  • The 4th Lucky Emblem: After you have used the Flow motion so as to drop down from the save points of the Lower tier, you now have to stand patiently on one of the bridges and look towards the left of yourself. You will find the Lucky Emblem formed into these walls. 
  • The 15th Treasure: The Blizzard Cuff Link- From the Lucky Emblem which you came across early in the game, continue your journey to the bridge and then open the way to the left by rotating the pillars of crystal inside the room itself.  From there on, you need to continue walking towards the hall beside the room and then leap off to the grinding rail. After covering the halfway distance, you will cross the second rail which is just above you. You need to make a leap to that rail which will then take you to the hiding region. Now you are required to make a jump towards the ledge just beneath it so as to get the possession of the chest.

The Upper Tier

  • The Lucky Emblem 5: The first region of the Upper tier consists of three distinct rail grinds in three totally distinct directions. You need to take the path which moves ahead in the direction of North West and then climb atop the formation of the rocks happening in the middle region of this room. Turn your head in the direction of the edge towards the ground or the floor and you will find what you are seeking for; the Lucky Emblem in the snow or the ice as you call.
  • The 11th Treasure: The Dark Anklet- From the first area itself of this upper tier, you need to take the rail grinder which is moving towards the direction of the south. In the centre of the room, you will witness two chests. The one on the left is this chest.
  • The Treasure 13: The Damascus- You can find this in the same chest as the previous one.
  • The 8th Treasure: The Classic Kingdom Game of the Kid of Klondike- Now that you have entered the Gorge, you are required to walk down the path until you come across a wall of rocks towards the right and it opens up. Now you need to fall off the edge and attack the block of ice present just below. Inside of the block of ice, you will find the chest that you have been looking for. In case you mess up this whole scenario, the only solution available with you is to run towards the wall which is there just behind you.
  • The 1st Lucky Emblem: This 1st Lucky Emblem can be found at the same edge where the previous one was found out. All that you need to do is walk a few steps in the southward direction and you will come across a tree where it will be printed on.

The Gorges

  • The 5th Treasure: The Guardian Belt- From the gorge save point, move ahead in the direction of the north in the pathway. Run towards the first two of the walls that you come across where you will find a hole that is filled with your enemies and which resembles the pots of clay. Behind these enemies is the chest at the back of this snuggery.
  • The Treasure 4: The Elixir- From the treasure that you came across previously, you need to leap off across that gap and make your way to the walls by running fastly.  When you reach the top, you need to turn around where you will witness an icicles line hanging from the edge of the cliff and also you will see a chest in some distance. To make a jump towards this line of the icicles and get your hands on the chest, you need to make use of the Air steps.

The Ridge Of The Mountains

  • The 6th Lucky Emblem: Straight away, as you need to run speedily in the direction of the walls to make it out of the Gorge, you will reach the mountain ridge. Just in front of you and on the side of that slope, you can see the chest lying down on it.

The Ice Valley

  • The 16th Treasure: The Hi Potion- Just towards the northward direction of the save point is a small walkway in the right which leads up for a bit. You can find your lying there in that little nook of the walkway.
  • The Treasure number 17: The Re-focuser- Once you have made your way successfully into the centre region, you need to continue moving in the east section so as to look for the chest.
  • The 18th Treasure: Hi Either- From the centre region itself, you need to move ahead in the south-westward direction of the pathway. Along this curve, you will come across a small nook towards your left and there will also be a chest just besides that.
  • The 19th treasure: The Blizzara Choker- As you move forward after the previous chest, you come across a small clearing which is accompanied with a pathway towards the left direction which will lead you towards the upward direction. You now need to climb atop this and then make use of the Airslide and the Doublefight so as to make a successful jump to the ledge across that gap to the other opposite side of that little clearing. On that ledge to which you made the jump is where you will find the chest which you had been looking for.

The Frozen Wall

  • The 21st Treasure: Mega Ether- After you are done with the previous chest, you need to enter a small clearing and make your way towards the north direction where you can get your hands on the chest.
  • The Treasure number 22: The Silver Amulet- From here you need to make a return towards the little clearing. After making a few jumps, you will have to make it till the cave where the chest has been lying this whole time.
  • The 23rd Treasure: The Wand of the Magician +- This will not take you to the top but will take you to a narrow path wherein you can search for the chest.

The Snow Field

  • The 9th Lucky Emblem: Since how have already made a fall off this edge, you need to look downwards at the little ledge so as to find this emblem of luck.
  • The 6th Treasure: The Ring of Force- Just after the finding of the emblem of luck, you will find a ledge where you need to go. Use the Aerial Dodge and the formula of Double Jumps so as to reach there. At the top of this ledge is where your chest is.

The Foothills

The Lucky Emblem 10: Starting from the saving points of the foothills, you need to go ahead in the northward direction till you don’t see the clearing across a stack of the logs. The Lucky Emblem is formed by three logs which are there at the end of this stack.

  • The 11th Lucky Emblem: Just near the place where you found the 24th Treasure, i.e. the Earring of Slayer, is the 11th Lucky Emblem, engraved between the rocks in the snow.


The level being tough nut to crack, we hope that through this article kh3 arendelle treasures you have succeeded in breaking it. And didn’t miss out on any of the treasure and the lucky emblems of the game.