Explore How Many Missions Do Devil May Cry 5 Have?

Devil May Cry 5, is now out and you all must be wondering how many missions in dmc 5 have. It is the question that is the most common question on the internet now. So, the answer to the most trending question is 21. There are 20 missions and the 21st is the prologue mission. This is a game in which you have to fight against demons.  There are 12 secret missions in the game telling more about the game. In this game, you will be able to play not only as Nero but you can also play as V and Dante. 

So, let us discuss the different missions of the game. Here is the list of the entire missions of the game.

Missions In DMC 5

  • Prologue
  • Mission 1: Nero
  • Mission 2: Qliphoth
  • Mission 3: Flying Hunter
  • Mission 4:V
  • Mission 5: The Devil Sword Sparda
  • Mission 6: Steel Impact
  • Mission 7: United Front
  • Mission 8: Demo king
  • Mission 9: Genesis
  • Mission 10: Awaken
  • Mission 11: Reason
  • Mission 12: Yamato
  • Mission 13: Three Warriors
  • Mission 14: Diverging Point: V
  • Mission 15: Diverging Point: Nero
  • Mission 16:Diverging Point: Dante
  • Mission 17: Brothers
  • Mission 18: Awakening
  • Mission 19: Vergil
  • Mission 20: True Power

List Of Secret Missions

  • Secret Mission 01: Eliminate all of the demons
  • Secret Mission 02: Don’t let any Red Empusa escape
  • Secret Mission 03: Collect all of the Red Orbs
  • Secret Mission 04: Eliminate all of the demons without taking a hit
  • Secret Mission 05: Get to the goal without touching the ground
  • Secret Mission 06: Eliminate all of the demons in 20 seconds or less
  • Secret Mission 07: Aim for their weak point and take them down with a single bullet
  • Secret Mission 08: Maintain an S Stylish Rank
  • Secret Mission 09: Stay in the air for more than 15 seconds
  • Secret Mission 10: Get to the goal without touching the ground
  • Secret Mission 11: Head straight for the goal
  • Secret Mission 12: Collect a set amount of Red Orbs

# Secret Mission 1

The Character Playing: Nero

The Location Used: Mission -2 (Qliphoth)

This mission would be an easier one for you if you have an idea about warframe ropalolyst guide. It is because here you will introduce the concept of secret missions. So, this is kind of a freebie for you and is, therefore, an easy round. You will find it inside one of the bedrooms. As you will pass through the corridors you will find this room in the right corner. All you have to queue up into the devil inscription and trigger it. The major wall inscription is done inside the rooms and others are at the doorway of it. So just stand behind the bed and that’s it. You will find your first secret mission.

Tip: Amongst all, this can be considered as the easiest one. All you have to do is, kill all the demons with the power of mask of the revenant. Make sure that you target the flying demons that usually heal others.


#Secret Mission 2

The Character Played: Nero

Location: Mission 3 Flying Hunter

For this, you have to move from the room to the staircase. You will find your second mission right here. All you need to do is keep swinging around the rooftop until you do not enter the sewer. As soon as you swing to the sewer you have to destroy the Demon Roof tree along with the Demon tree Blood clot. Once you are done with this you will find a floating orb that will take you upwards. Now, what you will do is you will skip the floating orb and jump to the bottom and stand at the doorway. This is it. You are at your second secret mission.

Tip:  This mission is a little harder than the previous one. You have to plan out everything. You have to cover a devil breaker so that you can kill multiple enemies at the same time. Here you have to rattle the Red Empusa and make sure that you should kill them before they run away. Don’t worry about your style ranking, just focus on how to increase your reach.


#Secret Mission 3

The Character Played: V

Location: Mission 4 V

For this mission, you will need proper planning before acting as you will require a devil trigger so that you can evoke a nightmare to break down the wall. You have to keep on progressing till you are ready to confront the battle arena with the impendency to the tall buildings when you get the nightmare and destroyed bridge. Before moving ahead make sure that you will pick the Niddhogg Hatchling. Now, after this, there will be the warehouse section ensuring the building has a giant mural that closely matches with Virgin Mary Nightmare that will open a new path for you.

You should jump onto the wall and come out of the door which is at the bottom right near to the Second Niddhogg Hatchling. You have to collect it and now jump out of it. You should get ready for a new fight to ensure that you kill everyone so that you can break the wall. Now since the wall is destroyed, you should proceed to the left and continue moving towards the Niddhoggs. A new way is to open up for you. There you will find another secret mission.

Tip:  this mission seems to be easier in theory but you have to prepare yourself hard so that you can collect red orbs within the allocated time.


#Secret Mission 4

Character Playing: V

Location: Mission 5: The Devil Sword Sparda

As in the previous mission you used the devil trigger, just like that, it would be used here.  You will be thundering on a scaffold rather than on the wall. You will fight against the Giant Tentacle and you have to destroy the Demon tree roots. Here, you will be stuck at a point where you will see a ship standing in front of you and you will see a scaffold right behind you. Summon the nightmare and look at him in the wrecked shop. Go through the wall and that is where you have to find another secret mission.

Tip: If you want to complete the mission then use your brain to plan something different for the game. Here the cheese is present in the sufficient amount for the enemies. The best possible action to do is go to Mount Nightmare.  If not then you can also choose Griffon’s back.


#Secret Mission 5

Character Playing: Nero

Location: Mission 8- Demon King

Pass through the large level to reach the secret mission. You have to progress so that you can reach the second level of lava waterfall. At the time of riding the rock, you have to take care of the ledge to side the grappling orbs floating near you. Jump from it to discover the secret mission.

Tip: Here you will need the Air Hike and at least Wire Snatch 2.


#Secret Mission 6

The Character Played: V

Location: Mission 9 Genesis

For this mission, you have to focus on the devil trigger. There are two ways to get into the fight but you have to fight the fight along with the series of pillars. The best possible route to reach this area is to thunder the wall with the gold orb holding the nightmare but you can come to this area when you start your journey to the catacombs. Once your fighting is finished then take left. There you will find the Demon root tree that has blocked your path. And their clots are at a distance. See the roots and now you can activate the devil trigger. After this, you will see your fourth mission right here.

Tip: activate your devil trigger and set up both the Griffon and the Shadow. Don’t worry if you drop the orbs to others.


#Secret Mission 7

The Character Playing: Dante

Location: Mission 10 Awaken

This time it’s turn for Dante’s mission. This is quite tricky and here you will see that the doorways kept on closing at a particular time as seen by Trish in the first arena. Further, there are three other areas with similar kinds of missions. As there are three gates you need to kill all the enemies right there and also you have to choose the right door for you. Here you will find your other secret mission.

Tip: The game mainly focuses on encountering enemies. It will come after the practice.


#Secret Mission 8

The Character Playing: Dante

Location: Reason

No more waiting for the next secret mission as you will find it in the following mission while experimenting with Dante. The next mission you will find it in the dilapidated as you pass through various gates but for this you have to find the Devil tree root and destroy it. After destroying it, jump to the walls to find the path to this. 

Tip: The simple concept is the number of weapons is directly proportional to the victory in the game. The different a variety of weapons the more it would be easier to play the mission.


#Secret Mission 9

The Character Played: Dante

Location: Mission 12- Yamato

You will find the next secret when you manage to shift the statue. This statue will demonstrate a series of stairs to a series of tunnels. Here you will jump to the series of stones, you will turn around and will again jump on the ledge. You will then find the secret mission.

Tip: for this, your skill matters the most. You can buy the air hike etc. this can boost your skills.


#Secret Mission 10

The Character Played: V

Location: Mission 14- Diverging Point: V

Once you have control over the Nightmare, Griffon, shadow, you will get to know that Nero and Dante are fighting to continue it. You have to destroy the Demon tree root and now jump to the ledge and turn around and here you go. You will find the mission right here.

Tip: You should make a jump just double so that the griffon must sail on the ceiling.


#Secret Mission 11

The Character Played: Nero

Location: Mission 15- Diverging point Nero

Travel through the many paths until you may not reach the time statute. Keep an eye on the statue and then jump off. Here you will observe that you are in a good company and will see a punchline devil Breakers. Allow the rocket to fly. When the rocket returns, navigate it and then you will find the secret mission.

Tip: This main motto of this to play and kill all the enemies.


#Secret Mission 12

The Character Playing: Dante

Location: Mission 16- Diverging Point Dante

The last secret mission will be found in the third arena of the fight. When going across the ledge you will see the pink eggs you should jump to the ledge on the right. But you have to make your way to the left. After the following process, you will find your secret mission.

Tip: You will need Dr. Faust and Dr. Faust 3 skills. Also, don’t let your enemy enter the arena.


Final Verdict

This was all about the article about how many missions in dmc 5 have? Go through all the secret missions you will enjoy. This game is so interesting that you won’t be able to guess the time. You will be so involved in this. I hope the article helped you.