Welcome To The Game Of Destiny 2 Mars Lost Sectors

Destiny 2 Lost sectors are similar to the small areas of dungeon where in you are able to kill your enemies and then get hold of the boss and have him killed or murdered so as to have access to a loot storage or cache. With the latest advancement and expansion, two new sectors have been discovered on Mars. While one is found in the Braytech Futurescape, the other sector is in the area of Glacial Drift, also known as Ma’adim Subterrane. If you are still worried about how to complete lost sectors on mars then read further.

Maps in Destiny 2 Mars Lost Sectors

1. Core Terminus Lost Sector

While talking of this sector, the first reminder is that it is another name of the sector of Braytech Futurescape. It is situated or can be detected in the northern side in the map of Mars. 

From the zone of the landing of the Braytech Futurescape, you are required to move in the left direction till the arrival of that moment when you are able to witness a building which is a symbol of number 2 on it. Now move ahead towards the entrance of the dayz base building where you will come across a hive knight and many acolytes.

You need to get rid of these acolytes and dispose of them and continue your way to the states of another doorway. Pass through this doorway and head instantaneously towards the left direction and you will be able to see the entrance of the destiny 2 mars lost sectors.

Continue going further until you come across to the doorway in the right of the symbol of the Lost Sector and while going further ahead you will reach the Core Terminus Lost Sector, which is situated in the centre.

This sector is all about the enemies. In the first section that you come across, you will see a knight and some red coloured bar acolytes while the second section will constitute of some thrall. The third and final section is a boss section where you are likely to come across a good number of Ice hive enemies, which also includes the boss. The boss in the Core Terminus Lost sector is named as Karesh, who is an enormous ice hive knight and is also the king or the champion of Xol.

A big relief is that the enemies in the boss section aren’t tough to win against, so there isn’t any kind of worry regarding any particular load out.

Once you have defeated and killed the ice hive and the other bosses, you will be allowed to go inside the loot cache of the Lost Sector.

2. Ma’adim Subterrane Lost Sector  

The other sector in Mars is the Ma’adim Subterrane Lost Sector, which is located in the region of Glacial Drift. To reach the landing zone of the Glacial Drift region, you need to go ahead towards the right direction of the map. Then you need to move up the hill till you are able to see an entrance resembling a cave. This cave resembling entrance is the entrance to this sector. Move ahead in the direction of the cave and after some time, you shall come across the depths of this sector of Ma’adim Subterrane. 

This destiny 2 mars lost sectors is all about Cable Enemies. You may witness some of the destiny 2 mars nodes, Legionaries, and cable war beasts in the first section. In the same section, you will also come across a ship with a ghost which is a possession of Prince Uldren. Once you are finished with the first section, you are required to move ahead where you will see a rock bridge.

In the same area, you shall also catch a glimpse of meat cleavers. You need to dispose of these meat cleavers, and you will then see some of Phalanx and Psions. The next area that you enter is the area where you will meet the bosses and many enemies varying from Psion to Gladiators and Phalanx and of course, you will come across the main boss who is named Valus Dulurc.

Once you have killed all the cable enemies and also the boss, you will be able to enter the loot storage of the Lost Sector. The loot isn’t great, when compared to the Core Terminus Sector, but some items might come into help in the succeeding levels whereby it will assist you in increasing your power.

Some Other Lost Sector of Destiny 2 Mars

  • EDZ Lost Sector: Also known as the European Zone of the dead, this lost sector has the largest playable area. This zone covers the following areas.
  1. Terminus of the East: Being located in the outside of the chapel, in the region of Trostland this sector constitutes of the fallen and the wanted beast is the Sunless Captain. It also consists of nightmare wretches.
  2. Atrium: Located in the inside of the Chapel, it features the fallen and the captain of the Outcast, Skexis.
  3. Windows walk: It is spotted on the left hand side of the Chapel and characterizes the fallen and the nightmare shanks. The wanted creature here is the Captain of the Lost, named Mazan.
  4. Scavenger’s Den: Located to the southward direction of the Public event space, just below the bridge in the outskirts, the scavenger’s den also consists of the fallen and also Graxus who is the captain of the Blind.

  • Titan Lost Sector: This sector includes as much as 3 lost sectors. While one can be found in the Siren’s watch, the other two can be seen in the Rig.
  1. Methane Flush: One can reach the entrance gate of the lost sector through a circular door. This sector features hive and nightmare acolyte, while Karagul is the wanted character.
  2. Third Cargo of the Bay: Found in the rig, this sector characterises hive and nightmare thrall. The wanted creature of this sector is Golmuut.
  3. DS Quarters Two: This sector is also found in the rig, located near to the Public event of the Heroics of Wizard. This sector consists of hives and also nightmare thralls. The wanted character of this sector is Thaan Hul.

  • IO Lost Sectors: This sector, like the Titan lost sector, only consists of 3 lost sectors and all of these three sectors can be easily detected on the map.
  1. Aphix Conduit: It is located in the south-easternmost direction of the region of the Rapture. The features of this region is the presence of the vex and that of nightmare Goblin and Ruined Mind is the wanted one in this sector.
  2. Sanctum of Bones: It is also detected in the region of Rapture and is taken. The wanted character is Pandrok who is also the pillar of nothing.
  3. Grave of Ulan-Tan: It is found in the region of Lost Oasis and main characteristics of this region is vex and nightmare harpy, while the wanted character of this sector is Queldron Keeper.

  • Mercury Lost Sector: This sector consists of only a single sector.
  1. Pariah’s Refuge: This sector can be found near the edge of the Infinite forest and constitutes of vex, and the wanted creature is the Subterranean Mind.

  • Tangled Share Lost Sector: This sector has a total of 5 sectors in its region for the players to loot.
  1. Trapper’s Cave: It is located in the centre of the map and features Cobal and Garut Gra’am. 
  2. Kingship Dock: Located in the Thieves land, this region characterises Scorn, Vilzil and Scorn Chieftain.
  3. The Vacant Tank: It can be spotted in the region located in the leftward of the famous Fast Travel Point. It features the fallen and the cobal. It also features Azilis and Dusk Marauder.
  4. Awo 43 Shipyard : This sector can be detected in the Saturn Jetsam which is near the Hive Ship which crashed.
  5. The Turbine of Wolfship: It is also located nearby the same Travel Point in the cut of Sorik. The main features of this sector is that it contains hives and shows characters Segrex.

  • Dreaming City Lost Sectors: This sector consists of three sectors which are scattered around in this sector.
  1. The Gulf of Drowned Wishes: Located in the main area of Mists of Divalian just behind the travel point, this sector features Scorn and Yirksil, who is the Subversive Chieftain.
  2. The Starlight Chamber: It is located in the major area of Rheaslivia. This is also taken and features Inkasi as the main hero who is the disciple of Quria.
  3. Aphelion’s Rest: It is situated just beneath the temple, where one can sometimes find Petra Venj. This region features taken and the character of Inkasi, disciple of Quria.

  • Moon Lost Sectors: There are a total of 4 different sectors of the Moon Lost Sector.
  1. K1 logistics: Found in the archer’s line, this sector features the fallen, the nightmare of Kelnix Reborn and nightmare Dreg.
  2. K1 Crew Quarters: This sector is found in the region of Hellmouth. You need to head inside the building so as to reach the K1 Crew Quarters. It characterises the fallen and the nightmare of the Reyiks.
  3. K1 Communion: To spot this sector, you need to go ahead towards the Anchor of Light. This sector consists of the fallen and the nightmare of Reyiks. 
  4. K1 Revelation: The fourth and the final sector of the Moon Lost Sector is located in the Sorrow’s harbour. It constitutes the hives, the nightmare of Arguth, the nightmare of the tormented servant and the nightmare Acolyte.


With the release of the game destiny 2 mars lost sectors, it has also gained attention from Warframe Isotope gamers from all across the world. It gets difficult to look for directions and search for different sectors. Hence, through this article we hope that it gets easy for the gamers throughout the world to search for their respective sectors and thereby, making the game even more interesting and intriguing.