Dayz Base Building Guide: All You Need To Know

The game DayZ is one of the survival games created by the Interactive of Bohemia. The game is first published in 2013, has made significant changes since then, and has become one of the favorite survival games among gamers, throughout the world. Here is a look at how you can complete the whole process of building the base and what the significant requirements of the same are.

Process Of Dayz Base Building Guide

The Mod of Vanilla DayZ promotes the establishment of buildings of walls made of wood, gates, and walls of sandbags and tank traps. The Return of the Dead will possess anything and everything that gets enabled by Vanilla.

Requirement Of The Tools

The various tools that are required for building the base are mentioned below

  • The E-Tools: These tools are or can be majorly found in the areas or regions of military.
  • The Tool Boxes: The tool boxes are those tools which are required to build the gates of the building.
  • The Hatchets: The other tool which is essential for building the base is the hatchet. This tool is used to chop down the trees so as to make logs out of them. The chopped logs are used in construction of planks and then these planks are chopped in order to build wood piles from them.
  • The Pick Axes: The next tool which is required is called the pic axe. These are used in mining the rough surface of the stones.

The Supplies That Are Required

Various supplies of essential elements are required in the whole process of building the base. All the important supplies are mentioned below.

  • The Woods Of Diy: These are the most essential ingredient when it comes to building the wooden walls of the base of the building.
  • The Gates Of Diy: These are also important products that need to be supplied. These are important in the whole process of rebuilding of the wooden gates of the base.
  • The Logs Of Wood: These logs of woods are the harvests from trees and constitute an important component of supplies for the construction of the base.
  • The Planks Of Sawn: The planks of sawn are yet another important part of the supplied materials. These are created from the logs of the wood which are harvested from the trees.
  • The Piles Of Wood: These are created out of the planks of the sawn.
  • Nails: These can be obtained by crafting them from the sheets of metal or from the diamond plates.
  • The Rough Stones: These are mined from the rocks and constitute an integral part of the supplies.
  • The Bags Of Sand: These are used to create the sandbags and are an important component of supplies.
  • The Traps Of Tanks: These are used to build tank traps.
  • Ducted Levers And Tape: These are used to fix these broken handles on the hatchets and pick axes.
  • The Padlocks: These can be found only in the castles and puts locks on the gates of the same.

Construction Of Wooden Wall

The construction of wooden wall requires the following materials.

  • The Manual Woods of DIY
  • The Entrenching Tools
  • The Toolbox

There are in a total of twelve (12) means so as to create the maximum fence, i.e. the level 7. The fences from levels 1-4 can be knocked down by multiple hatchets or the swings of machete. The fences which are levelled from 5-7 can be demolished by either the use of 2 explosive arrows or by 2 charges of satchel.

Construction Of Wooden Gate

In order to construct or create a wooden gate, the below mentioned materials are required.

  • The Manual of DIY
  • The Entrenching Tools
  • The toolbox

Miscellaneous Information

  • You need to maintain the quality of the base. Using the scroll wheel while looking towards the gate or the walls in order to see if it requires any kind of special attention or maintenance or not. Dayz base building guide sends you a message which will indicate which supplies are required.
  • The best places to loot are trains and construction sites.
  • You can find an option of Menu, which is called Lock. If you are able to lock a part of the base, the other players won’t be able to continue constructing it.

The below mentioned sub heads are about the things which you require to survive in the game. So take a look at them all and see how far you can go ahead in the game.

Before Beginning

This is a reminder for all the gamers that because of the fact that this game is in the initial stage of development, hence some of the recipes and the materials which are needed to be crafted may vary. The good thing is that the gamers will be able to see more recipes added to the existing list as the time passes.

Ammunition And Firearms

All the better weapons and ammunition of H1Z1 can only be found by the players who are involved in one or other kind of looting. But the ones who aren’t able to find any gun as a weapon always have the option of choosing any of the warframe weapons from the various weapons which are listed below.

  • The Combat Knives
  • The Land Mines
  • The Machetes
  • The Makeshift Bows
  • The Makeshift Hatchets
  • The No Brainers
  • The Wooden Spears
  • The Arrows of Wood
  • The Wooden Bows

Items Of Food

The gamers can find a good amount of food items existing in H1Z1 and these can be picked up in the environment itself. As the game further proceeds, one can find more complex food items like the various different juices, for example, the juice made up of Blackberry and many more. Here is a list for you which mentions which food items can be currently used for the purpose of crafting.

  • The Blackberry Juice
  • The Barbecue
  • The Campfire
  • Coffee with Sugar
  • Sugar less coffee
  • Rabbit (Cooked)
  • The Steak of Deer
  • Purified and Clean Water
  • The Steak of Wolf

The Base Of The Building

The game H1Z1 has the ability to get the bases of the game built, store various items and materials similar to the game of Warframe Plague Star. They can also construct a life which is of a longer duration of time and the gamers can share it with their friends and acquaintance. To develop the base, the gamers will first have to learn a few recipes and collect a large number of supplies. The following items are required so as to develop the base.

  • The Foundation of the Deck
  • The Simple Shack
  • The Basic Door of the Shack
  • The Collector of Dew
  • The Furnace
  • The Tamper of the Ground
  • The Tiller of the Ground
  • A Huge Shelter
  • A Gate made up of Metal
  • A Metallic Shed
  • A Metallic Wall
  • A Mini Shack
  • A Container for the purpose of Storage
  • The Structure Stairs
  • A Barricade made of Wood
  • A Door of Wood
  • A Metallic Door

The Important Materials

The Dayz base building guide provides the materials that are helpful for the purpose of keeping the engine running in the game of H1Z1. Most of the things that are mentioned in the section of the Buildings cannot be possible without these items which are listed below. These materials can sometimes be found lying here and there in the world, while at times can be needed to be crafted from. Hence the whole cycle is a vicious one, of looting and crafting. Some of the listed items can only be crafted inside of a furnace.

  • Biofuel
  • The Gun Powders
  • The Metallic Bars
  • The Metallic Brackets
  • The Metallic Shards
  • The Metallic Sheets
  • The Pipelines
  • The  Wooden Planks
  • The Wooden Sticks

The Clothes

There aren’t many items of clothing which can be crafted at a current time but every single one of them has an important role to play. The various clothing items are mentioned below.

  • The Backpacked Frames
  • The Frame Backpacks
  • The Satchels

Guide To First Aid

The first aid items like bandages and the other items also play an important part in the survival, other than the Gauze. While the bandages help in regenerating a small amount of the health of the player, the first aid kits, though a bit tough to find and then craft, are more effective. Bandages also have the ability to stop the flow of any active blood.

Some of the important items of this section are mentioned below.

  • The Bandages
  • The Whole Kit of First Aid
  • Briny


There are some specific weapons or ammunitions which could fall in the category of tools and implements. These tools are for various distinct purposes like repairing vehicles, etc. Some of the important tools are listed below

  • The Bow Drills
  • The Scent of Deer
  • The Flares
  • Hammers
  • The Hand Shovels
  • The Improvised Compass
  • Smoked Flares
  • Torches
  • Wrenches

The Traps

While some of the traps help in protecting the bases from the zombies and human threats, the other traps are useful in providing a sustainable life. Some of the important traps of the game are listed below.

  • The Traps of Animal
  • The Barbed Wire Traps
  • The Punji Stick
  •  The Snares


It would have been clear by now what are the requirements of building the base and the importance of the same. The other important thing which has been mentioned in this article of dayz base building guide are the significance of the tools, the clothing options, the weapons which are required in the game and how the game has evolved from the time it was created. So, if you are a fan of such survival games like dayz base building xbox, dayz base building ps4 etc then this game is a must play. Don’t wait anymore and see what this amazing game holds for you in its stock.