A Survival Guide On Chroma Prime Build

Good news for chroma fans! Chroma is back guys, yes he is back. A unique, powerful, and the strongest warframe chroma prime has arrived. As we know, chroma leads to great devastation. He is capable enough to deal with the crowd. Chroma prime abilities make him the most powerful in the game and are best known for that. Let us move further towards the article and find more about it.

How Can We Get Chroma Prime Build?

The blueprints of the chroma parts can be obtained by finishing the junctions that are mentioned below:

  • Junction of Uranus: Chroma Neuroptics
  • Junction of Neptune: Chroma Chassis
  • Junction of Pluto: Chroma System

You can also purchase at a chroma prime price additionally, for 375 platinum from the market which is situated on the Orbiter. In some events where the parts of Chroma have been sold or get deleted accidentally, they can be acquired from cephalon Simaris, without using platinum. The Cephalon Simaris proposed the blueprint of chroma if the standings are 100,000  with the parts -50,000 standings.

What is Chroma Prime?

The prime form of Chroma is said to be a Chroma prime which has the highest power and energy. His amour always protects him.

Chroma Prime Relics

  • Blueprint: Vaulted: Meso P1m Neo K2  Available: Meso Z3, Axi D1
  • Neuroptics: Vaulted: Lith C3  Available: Lith C4
  • Chassis: Vaulted: None  Available: Meso K2, Meso T3, Axi R2
  • Systems: Vaulted: Axi C3, Axi C4  Available: Neo C1

Chroma’s Abilities

Chroma is capable of breathing upon his enemies, he also provides some special safety and security. He can blow great damage to his foes. Also, he provides some peculiar property to his allies and to himself too. He can imbibe all the damage with the help of his armor and he uses his pelt so that to attack his foes. With the help of his passive ability, and his color quality determines when to use it for which effect.

Spectral Scream

With his primary breath he can bring damage to all of them who are in front of him under its elemental alignment there is a chance for the situation to flare up. Having such qualities can result in great damage to the enemies and the status changes makes it even more dreadful for it will help. It makes the enemies weaker after the time.

Types Of Spectral Scream

  • Heat Spectral Scream

This spectral scream will cause a lot of heat damage with some heat materials. Thus, killing all the enemies that come up on our way. This heat damage burns all the enemies. The situation of panic is created for the enemies. Those enemies in the fire will panic for some time. Enemies caught on fire will panic for a certain period allowing them to be killed easily.

The spectral scream that deals with the toxin elements will result in the toxin damage for the enemies and also give them the poisonous effect for all of them. The more they come in contact with the toxic substances the more damage is caused because of the toxic substances.

The Spectral Scream with a chosen cold element will help deal with the damage from the cold and slow down enemies for a short time. The enemies that are frozen will get slow. Due to which it would be easier for them to kill enemies.

Spectral screams with the selected electrical element that deals with lightning damage and will have a chance to affect the power conditions that send a series of lightning. Affected enemies can get paralyzed for some time and this effect can occur for many enemies which makes it a good ability to hinder an enemy’s ability to fight.

  • Elemental Ward

Based on the elemental alignment of the chroma, he overpowers a field and defensive energy can imbue it. The elemental alignment of the chroma can determine its effects on the protective properties. This ability is great for both you and your allies to reduce stats and control mobs or deal with additional damage to enemies. This is a great ability for both the stats that are strong and can be. It can control Pester shield.

The damage that is caused, chroma turns it into his armor and all the damage is collected to his armor and well-being. The current casting of its ability can cause the buff to be repeated by replaying during periods of recent amateurs that will prolong the effect. His ability has a great advantage and combines survival abilities as well as offensive abilities. It makes it very exceptional quality so that he can have a boss fight. Also, I can lead to large level missions of Devil May Cry 5 or any other mission that can cause great damage.

  • Magnify Mod

This Vexing retaliation causes a bang that has a 9M radius where the shield will cause puncture purchase and health will cause a burst purchase.

  • Effigy

Chroma prime build transforms into a sentry who has his health and starts attacking enemies from his position where he hovers. Sentries can become a reason for shockwaves that kill enemies, a scream that startles enemies and will outrun whatever a certain element alignment is. A sentry, with a heating element, will light a fire on enemies which will give them a chance to burn.

A sentry that has venom in its form, ejects venom like substances toward enemies dealing with venom damage, with the possibility of infecting them with venom status effects to deal with timely damage which will be based on health.

Enemies’ cold -cold breaths will take cold breaths, which can reduce their speed and attack speed. The enemies will be killed with the electrical property and the enemies will get a great shock out of it. Making a guided effort moves the mannequin to your target location when there is an ability, dealing large amounts of damage and surprising enemies upon arrival.

Some Builds

  • Balanced Builds

This balanced build has the main focus over the chroma’s ability and it makes sure that he doesn’t face any difficulties in his energy. His abilities can cause good damage to the enemies. His abilities are useful within a good range. The spectral scream consumes lesser energy but it causes great damage in the increased range. The effects of Elemental wands are significantly boosted when they are in a longer duration with a large radius.

If talking about vexing armor then it can hold a longer pace than the normal ones. It deals within the largest radius and it is capable enough to produce a much higher amount of armor and damage. Due to less energy per second, the Effigy can stay active longer and suffer more damage when it is healthier than normal.

This build is the same for new and old players as it has a good balance that this chroma build is suitable for different campaigns because it allows the new and the old players which creates a good balance.

Strength build allows chroma to inflict more damage and impact than its capacity. A small decrease in duration coupled with a slight decrease in all energy costs for their abilities would be a slight reduction. His higher abilities are capable of causing great damage plus the vex Armor adds a lot of bonus for his armor.

As we know that in this build chroma deals with higher damage. He becomes strong damage in this build because of his weapons attack. With this new weapon Ignis Wraith a single constant shot is enough to cause great devastation.

  • Bruiser Build

Bruiser works as a construct for Build Croma, who remains high with the survival by sharing good health and armor. The main focus of this build is to cause damage but it avoids death and it benefits them who are engaged in melee combat. The higher efficiency reduces energy, he is capable to repeat his abilities for a longer time. This build goes well with VEX ARMOR. He is capable of crowd control.

Final Verdict

Chroma prime build is mainly renowned for its “one-shot” ability and it has a massive ability. He alone is great at dealing with large amounts of damage. He gives his allies the power to deal with the damages and protect themselves. Chroma not only deals with great devastation but also his punch can bring great destruction.

His abilities tell him based on crowd control, damage and also both how he has been modified and his inaction. He is capable enough to alter his abilities with the change in colors. It allows the user to make use of his abilities accordingly.

For those who need warframe for them chroma is best especially for the new players who can withstand damage, but still stay involved, but at the same time become very versatile to make use of veterans due to modifications made, and Chroma is applied to make one of the deadliest and toughest warframes.